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March 3, 2013

Eric's Historical Research On Monuments

The Liberal Party of Canada forced the French-agenda on the whole country while making sure that Quebec is allowed a loop-hole to commit “ethnocide” on the non-French. I don’t need to repeat the many stupidities committed by the PQ government in that God-forsaken province (Pastagate - the topic of current jokes). Having more than 40 years to force this agenda on Canada (being entrench into our Constitution), the French-speakers have been vastly empowered so that even in Ontario with just over 4% French-speakers, a lot of money has been thrown at them from all levels of government. Many people blame the Conservative government for not doing anything about this disastrous & very divisive policy that is now the catalyst for Western Alienation. For too long, Quebec & Ontario have been given the majority say in public policies and strange to say, these policies are always pro-French. The Maritime Provinces, under the strong influence of the French (N.B. with their 30+% of the population) is fighting a losing battle.

I would like to concentrate on Ontario today with observations sent in by E. Little. Remember that Ontario has a 12 B. deficit and a debt of $235 B. This message is aimed at all provinces that have a small French-language population but don’t yet understand that no matter how small, the French zealots are very strong. Armed with legislation that purports to protect & prevent assimilation into the English-speaking world, they are able to get huge amounts of money to push their advantage. As the rest of us have NO funding and NO politician willing to speak up for us, we are left with NO recourse but to hope that telling people how stupid they are to give so much power to a small minority, we might get more awareness for people to fight back.

Historical Research By E. Little

Historical plaques, over size flags and monuments are coming to an area near you, if not already.

Cornwall, Sudbury, Rockland, L”Orignal and 7 sites in Ottawa are listed on the Monuments de la Francophone Facebook site.  There flags are usually 5X10 meters (15 by 30 feet) on 60 to 90 foot poles and most people don’t mind paying for flags and monuments to famous Canadians or group efforts, however how much is the right amount for structures dedicated to a language?

Our cities, provinces and country should not be considered a money tree to every project wanted. Donations from private citizens are one thing, but from a hospital or school board is going too far. The Montfort Hospital, City of Hawkesbury, Eastern Ontario Catholic school board and certainly the Ontario government's Trillium Foundation all provide towards this large project. Since the phone number on the monument Facebook site goes to Assemblee de la francophnie de l”Ontario, some of the 700,000 dollars from Heritage Canada must also go to this.

The Trillium Foundation (Ontario taxpayers) have given 25,300 dollars in 2008 for the Cornwall monument. 30,000 dollars in 2011 to the Association canadienne-française de l'Ontario de Prescott et Russell for school time capsules and information on  Monument de la francophonie, on top of the other government agencies of course.

Do we have our priorties right? But as the monuments group proudly write, who will be next!

Il y a 12 Monuments de la francophonie en Ontario... les voici :

  1. CECCE (Ottawa)
  2. La Cité collégiale (Ottawa)
  3. Centre Franco-Ontarien de ressources pédagogiques
  4. Le Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario (École élémentaire Charlotte Lemieux - Ottawa)
  5. La Caisse Desjardins Trillium sur Cyrville (Ottawa)
  6. Le MIFO à Orléans (Ottawa)
  7. CSDCEO - L'Orignal
  8. Sudbury
  9. Casselman
  10. Rockland
  11. Cornwall
  12. Collège Boréal
  13. Hopital Montfort - en construction à Ottawa

Qui sera le prochain!

PC MPP, John O”Toole of Durham submitted Bill 7, and first reading was carried. At first glance an Act to create the twenty-first century skills award for school pupils is needed. The idea of promoting 7 learning skills, responsibility, organization, ability to work independently, collaboration, initiative, and self-regulation can only be helpful towards a positive message and learning environment. The seventh is the one I do not understand. Why would an objective that is not available to all students, be included? Social engineering, strategic voting among others come to mind, but adding ability in oral French allows the Minister of Education to push a pro-French agenda over fairness.

This is on top of the Ontario govt’s ads for our children to be send to French schools as the French Immersion schools are not good enough.

President (CLF)


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