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Saturday, 4 May 2013

No Doubt About It - Courts Prefer French

Thibodeau Is Given Hearing By Supreme Court - National Post

It is very clear that our Justice system is very pro-French and takes very seriously the power given to them by Trudeau’s 1982 Constitution - to protect, promote and preserve the French language and culture, even if it is at the expense of the rest of the country’s population.  It frustrates a lot of Canadians because we don’t seem to have any power to be able to turn this around.  Our politicians’ hands are tied because they cannot go against the Constitution and the all-powerful Charter which is all-powerful because the Courts are totally on their side and inevitably interpret it to suit the French against the interests of the non-French majority.  We have seen this very clearly in the case of Howard Galganov’s and Jean-Serge Brisson’s fight against enforced bilingual, commercial signage.  The Supreme Court refused to hear their case because it agreed with the two levels of lower courts that used the Notwithstanding Clause to say that “it is the right thing to do”.

This reminds us that we must keep speaking up againstany attempt like Bill C-232, an NDP proposal to force ALL Supreme Court Judges to be bilingual.  Bilingualism favours French-speakers and it is irrefutable that it is almost impossible for an English-speaker to be perfectly bilingual & understand not just the vocabulary of the French language but also the nuances and the cultural, historical and emotional meaning behind the vocabulary.  Many English-speakers who say they are bilingual & pass bilingual tests cannot adopt those “built-in” traits unless they live and work for a whole lifetime with the Francophones.  In other words, become one of them!!!  Willing and able to sacrificethe good of the non-French to force the agenda of the French on the non-French.  Kinda reminds me of our very own Commish, doesn’t it?

We won’t be surprised if the Supreme Court agrees with the Thibodeau that their language rights are being violated because they could not order 7UP in French even though it is a fact that Air Canada does not stock 7UP on their flights.  Please bear in mind that the Thibodeaus are totally bilingual and is only doing this for personal gain and thousands of dollars in “compensation” while they follow the French agenda to force the country into total capitulation.

How do we fight this sort of insanity?  Believe it or not, all is NOT lost!!!  Despite the very clear intent to force French on the population and to force the spending of billions of very scarce tax-dollars turning over control of the country to a very small minority, it appears that it is NOT working!!!  How, you say?

I’ve been sent an article from the Globe & Mail that proves that French is not a popular subject in the universities.  This is my reply to Jerry who sent me that article:

Jerry, this is good news!!!!  I don’t know what’s happening nationally but the fact that these universities are closing down the department (U. of Regina - Alberta) or cutting back (Queen’s University - Ontario) show that, despite the propaganda and the money thrown at it, it is not attracting many students.  Maybe these people know that a degree in the French language alone is useless.  A degree in some disciplines like Engineering along with a French language degree might be useful but not in just the language alone.  An Engineering student is already taking on a heavy load - he/she won’t have the time to perfect his/her French.  I think that this is the case in most disciplines like Medicine, Science, Maths., etc. etc.

Another reader and supporter, Orlin, wrote this:

Perhaps Kim, in the end common sense will win out over ‘official bilingualism’. Unless someone is applying for a government job in Canada, French is of little use. Even then it is mainly to ensurethat French Canadians get the good jobs.  The future however will likely be of a global nature where knowledge of the English language is essential. Our youth seem to be beginning to realize that.  Official bilingualism in Canada may just wither and die on its own accord. Of course it doesn’t hurt to keep up the pressure on governments to quietly scrap costly OB.

You are quite right, Orlin, we must keep up our educational work of telling Canadians that we must NOT give up.  Sanity will prevail and one day, Canada will realize that we cannot keep on pushing a minority language which is already on life-support and expect to do well on the world stage.That is the main aim of our organization - to attempt to educate more Canadians that French is a useless language, not worth the expense or the effort at its mastery.

President (CLF)

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