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Monday, May 27, 2013

PE Trudeau Was A Failure As A Political Force

There are still many Canadians, especially of the Socialist persuasion, who continue to worship P. E. Trudeau and will willingly give control of Canada back to his son, Justine Trudeau.  We, as a group fighting for the rights of English-speaking Canadians not to be forced to learn French to be 1st class citizens, will continue to tell people about what Trudeau did to divide us by entrenching the language policy into our constitution.  I know that it is very discouraging because most people take the easy way out of any problem and the easy way out is to ignore the problem and pretend that it is not there.

However, we know it is there and we know that it is difficult to fight because our great Socialist hero had taken the opportunity, when it presented itself, to change our constitution and entrenched the right for French-speakers to be protected, preserved and promoted.  The three P’s have been used as an excuse for the Official Languages Act to force Canadians to put the minority language, French, to be on an equal basis with the majority language, English, regardless of the most important caveat, “WHERE NUMBERS WARRANT”.  Billions of taxpayer dollars are granted to thousands of French-language groups to enforce the use of French so that French-speakers now dominate our public institutions and is rapidly moving into our private sector.  “Equality” is the cry that is hard to ignore but when it is used to give more protected rights to the minority by making the minority language the hurdle that must be jumped, then it becomes a weapon that is being used to take away rights from the majority.   It is as bad as “racism” which distinguishes one race from another & gives more rights to those of a certain race or colour.  Using “language” as the distinguishing factor is just as bad when that language is indistinguishable from the culture that uses that language.

We welcome any attempt on the part of anyone to open more eyes to this tragedy and the new book by Bob Plamondon is just such an opportunity.  P. E. Trudeau changed Canada so drastically in so many aspects and Bob Plamondon tells it all in his new book.  I know that many of our readers are angry with the Conservative government for not being brave enough to tackle the language problem that they know is the cause of our current disunity in the country.  This disunity arose because Trudeau gave too much to Quebec, hoping that this might help to make Quebec happy to be part of Canada.  However we have seen that this has back-fired very badly.  All it has done is just make Quebec, especially French Quebec, feel more entitled to be “masters in their own house” and to take all rights away from English-speakers.  While they get stronger, we are getting weaker and while they increase their assault on English-speakers, we continue to escalate in our efforts to let them take over control of English-speaking Canada.  We must wake up to that fact and spread the battle-cry to ALL Canadians.  Whatever we do, we must NOT give up because the future of Canada depends on us.  If you are ever asked by any opinion polls about what you think is wrong with Canada, don’t hesitate to tell them.  I was asked to participate in a Decima Opinion poll yesterday to list the problems I see in Canada.  I didn’t hesitate to tell them that the language policy is creating a lot of division in Canada and it is wrong to force French on most of English-speaking Canada where the numbers do not warrant.

Those of you who are within travelling distance of Ottawa may want to join the Free Thinking Film Society in the book launch on June 3rd at the Library & Archives Canada on 395 Wellington St. at 7:00 pm.

Kelly McParland has reinforced Bob Plamondon’s views about the failure of P.E. Trudeau as a political force.

President (CLF)

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