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Tuesday , November 26, 2013

Complaint University of Ottawa - Franco-Flag

How many people are irritated by the gigantic Franco-Ontarian flags that are seen in so many public places?  I know many of our readers are very irritated but would you believe that Steve Madely of CFRA is also irritated, along with Prof. John Robson?

Listen to this link and rejoice that we are not the only ones getting mighty ticked off by these expensive projects, paid for by the general tax-payers:

The part that irritates most is the fact that these large Franco flags are flown without being accompanied by our Ontario or the Canadian flag!!!  What are they trying to say - that they want to be a “nation” within the province of Ontario?

Carol-Ann wrote to the President of the U of Ottawa because she has noticed that the University has such a flag on the campus.  Of course we know that Alan Rock is a Liberal Francophile who is pushing the French agenda very hard:

Dear Mr. Rock,

I would like to register a formal complaint to you and Ottawa University concerning the flying of the huge Franco Ontarian, green and white flag on the university campus at the Nicholas St.  exit of the Queensway.

The fact that this flag flies alone, on the University of Ottawa campus, in the nation’s capital is a slap in the face to all Canadians.  It also promotes the French language over the English language and I feel that it indicates an endorsement to the discrimination of the English language in Quebec. 

Ottawa University is a bilingual university, and you are promoting one language over another.  I believe that you actually have more English students and English programs than you do French and I am shocked that you would want to send this message.

I would like to request that this flag be removed and a more appropriate Canadian flag be flown in its place.  Imagine the positive message that would send to all Canadians, in our nations capital.





Thank you for taking the time to write and for sharing your opinion about the University of Ottawa’s recent unfurling of the Franco-Ontarian flag on its Lees campus.

This flag was provided to our University as part of a wider community fundraising effort to celebrate Franco-Ontarian culture across our province. Franco-Ontarian flags and monuments celebrating la Francophonie have been erected by the Franco-Ontarian community at sites across our city including the Montfort Hospital and La Cité collégiale.

We have welcomed the addition of the Franco-Ontarian flag and have also erected a Monument de la francophonie on our main campus. Our monument is a public space that includes a small garden which welcomes people from all cultures to our campus. You can read more about this effort in our online publication The Gazette, which shares campus-wide information and events with faculty and staff. The University of Ottawa is committed to creating an environment that celebrates, strengthens and encourages communication in both official languages. Our capacity to offer education and services in both English and French is one of our core values and a vital part of our identity and consistent with our founding legislation which states that we have a mandate ".... to further bilingualism and biculturalism and to preserve and develop French culture in Ontario." (University of Ottawa Act, 1965). The monument and the flag celebrate the long and proud history of close association between the two major linguistic groups in the region.

That being said, we do display the flags of our university, our city, our province and our country across our campus. We are confident that we create an environment where respect for all cultures can be found and remain proud of our institutional roots in our community.  Indeed, the University of Ottawa remains a bastion for linguistic and cultural growth for all of the communities that come together to create our great nation of Canada.

Kind regards,

Allan Rock


Monument de la francophonie at the University of Ottawa

$125,000 (one hundred and twenty five thousand) each.

13 erected in the area so far.

You will note from the text taken from the site itself that

The University of Ottawa is contributing $ 100,000 to the community and provided another $ 100,000 required to allow this construction. The community also collect another $ 25,000 to build a mega-flag on the Lees, clearly visible from the Queensway.

Corporate Builders:

  1. Beechwood
  2. The City of Ottawa
  3. Greenhouses Parisien
  4. La Cité
  5. Jocelyn Dumais - Linden concrete formwork
  6. Jack Equipment
  7. Cumberland Ready Mix
  8. Movement of French involvement of Orleans (MIFO)
  9. Caisse populaire Orléans inc.
  10. BMR / Builders Warehouse
  11. Right
  12. Virtuo.CA CMS Technologies
  13. Lafarge
  14. ACFO Ottawa
  15. Thompson Rosemount Group Engineers
  16. Office of Francophone Affairs - Government of Ontario
  17. Company Ardenn
  18. Club Richelieu Orleans
  19. Domestic Décorléans
  20. Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CSDCEO)
  21. Seraphin-Marion d'Orléans Centre
  22. Marcil Lavallée
  23. Advanced Cutting and Coring
  24. Federation of French-Canadian women Orleans


An Anglo group in New Brunswick wanted to put up --- ONE Anglo flag --- which was not a permanent flag and not government funded either at city hall in New Brunswick for ONE DAY and THEY WERE REFUSED. Unfortunately, as usual, the Anglos themselves appear to find this acceptable.  This person says that the Anglo flag would just be provocation and a sign of being “anti-French”.


From: deborah

Sent: Saturday, November 09, 2013 7:13 PM

To: Ontario PC Party;

Subject: Job Losses: It just keeps going up

I expect a reply, and a sincere one. With all the Franco-Ontarian flags flying throughout what seems to be everywhere, primarily paid for by Anglophone Ontario taxpayers, could you please tell me why the Conservative opposition is not standing up and demanding to know why the Ontario Trilluim flag is not flying next to it.

Before the Ontario PC's send me one more email, we need a response. Otherwise, take my name off your distribution list, bearing in mind that my network goes across the country and they are all waiting for a response as well. I've already told the Liberals to remove my name off their distribution list, and as you can imagine I get about 50 emails a week from them. I don't anymore. If you want to join that club, carry on with your meaningless emails like the one you sent me below.

It's up to you. Prove me wrong.



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