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Thursday , November 21, 2013

Rally For Gervais Family

Dear CLF Readers:

The Christmas Brunch is just ONE week away and we have not heard from many of you.  Just in case you may want to know what the program is, I’ve attached a letter along with the flyer so that you will have a fair idea of the agenda.

Many people who have had a meal at the NEXT Restaurant have said that the food is excellent.  Along with the excellent food, we can promise you a very interesting agenda and of course, good company!!!

Some people who are unable to attend have donated generously and this has allowed us to pay for some of our supporters who cannot afford to come.   We are always very grateful for any help we get.

Does anyone, reading this message, live in Stittsville?  We cannot afford to advertise in the papers and would be so grateful if someone would offer to take a walk around your neighbourhood and post copies of our flyer in mail-boxes.  I can mail the flyers to you by express mail - you should get them by early next week.  That still gives you enough time to distribute them.

Also, we are looking for donation of items we can give away as “door”prizes.  If you have items sitting around the house that are still new and you don’t mind donating them, please bring them to the brunch.  If you are unable to come, let me know and I’ll ask someone to drop by and pick them up.

When Beth & I attended the rally at the Hull Hospital in Gatineau, we met the daughter of John Gervais, the veteran who was so shamefully treated on his death-bed.  I just heard on CFRA today that John Gervais’ family will not let this issue just fade away.  Michele Long, daughter of John Gervais, will be at the brunch so if you want to meet this very brave lady, come to the brunch.

President (CLF)


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