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Monday , November 18, 2013

World Of English Freedoms No Accident

I was going to send out a message about our Commish, Graham Fraser, wanting to force the Federal government into giving the OCOL more power (& more money of course) to make the OLA more “effective”.    Then I was sent two articles that would provide more positive news about the language issue.  I decided to go with the good news rather than more dreary news about the Commish’s futile effort to save the French language.

The first one is about the whole Anglosphere and how countries that belong to the Anglosphere are still the most successful in the implementation of the principles and philosophies of  Freedom & Good Government.  In a world beset by so many things going wrong (from man-made tragedies emanating from religious extremism to the tragedies produced by nature), it is so refreshing when we read about success in any human activity.  We belong to the Anglosphere and it is our inherited privilege to celebrate the success of the English-speaking people.  Read it for yourself and feel proud that we belong to this group of people who have found the perfect language for global communication.

The second article is a victory for the minorities of Quebec (both linguistic & religious) - the death of Bill 14.  We congratulate the people of Quebec (both English-speaking & French-speaking) for not allowing this racist policy to see the light of day!!!

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