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Sunday , October 27, 2013

Durham Report

This is the promised report on the pressure being put by the French groups on the Durham Municipality to accept being under the jurisdiction of the French Language Services Act. According to the Assemblée, the current situation in Durham reflects that of Central and South-Western Ontario regions where, despite the presence of numerous Francophones, French-language service offerings remain insufficient. It also confirms the urgency to review FLSA.


We urge those of our readers who have friends & family in the Durham municipality to please turn up at the next council meeting (October 30th) & contact their councillors to not give in to this pressure. Another story with more info reports that 99.4% of area speak English!

According to 2011 Census data, highlighted in Region staff’s most recent report, almost all of Durham residents, 99.4 per cent, claimed to have knowledge of English, or the ability to have a conversation in English. There are 385 people in Durham who only speak French. They live predominately in Oshawa (155). 450 French students listed in minutes of Oct 9 2013.

Durham Profile (Section 2.5) Language (PDF File) from 2009. Knowledge of Official Languages (Tables 2.9 & 2.10).

Please contact the council, especially those who are warning that the designation would create a lot of expensive demands for services in French where the numbers do not warrant and these services will inevitably lead to a greater & greater demand for employees to be bilingual (built-in advantage for French-speakers).

Don’t take my word for it - do the research!!!  In the Ottawa area alone, many Quebecers cross over the bridge to take jobs paid for by the majority English-speaking taxpayers and our hospitals are forced to be bilingual even though the number of patients needing French are insufficient (Quebec patients come to our hospitals and don’t pay the Ontario rates).  In Cornwall, the issue of being under the jurisdiction of the FLSA has led to English-speaking nurses having NO opportunity for full-time jobs & NO opportunity for promotions.  Here again, Quebec nurses are given preferential treatment & given training when fully-qualified English-speaking nurses are turned away.  Ask Debbie & Chris Cameron who have been fighting this situation.  Debbie is a fully trained and experienced nurse who is now working in the States.

Why are we allowing this to happen?

President (CLF)

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