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Sunday , October 20, 2013

Big Shifts & Anti- English Insults Continue

After spending 9 hectic days in the States (Las Vegas & San Diego), it is nice to be able to come back and see that the Language Commish hasn’t been able to force ALL sectors of Canada to bow to his wishes!!!  Good for RCAF’s commander, Yvan Blondin!!!!

The hypocrisy of the Commish is so blatant that it is hard to think that he believes what he writes or does he just make it up as he goes along?  In the 2nd story from the Global News, he says, “Ensuring every Canadian speaks English and French was never the goal, Official Languages Commissioner Graham Fraser says. It's actually almost the opposite.”

So what is this man saying?  That the policy of “official bilingualism” (being able to function in English & French) is NOT the goal of the OLA?  So what is the goal?  His answer - “being able to get service from the Federal govt. in the language of choice”.  This can be very easily achieved by having a translator at every office to serve the very few French speakers who demand to be served in French.  It should not necessitate that the French language be a requirement for the majority of Federal government positions or that having to pass a language test be a pre-requisite of so many Federal jobs right across the country - even in places that have so few French speakers that the caveat “where numbers warrant” is not fulfilled!!  The OLA, as it is misapplied right now, has given French-speakers the power to control the country and direct it to their advantage.  Let me know if you disagree.

Another thing that this man insists is that Canadians don’t know the country’s history.  On that he is correct - Canadians have been discouraged from learning their own history by the education authority which have made the learning of Canadian history an optional subject.  It should be made mandatory right across the country & not just the portion about Quebec but the history of Canada right from its beginning!!!   By robbing Canadians of knowledge about their real history, it is so easy for historical revisionism to take hold and for Quebec teachers to go across the country telling Canadians about how badly Quebec was treated & how the French-speakers should be First Class citizens, deserving of all the good jobs, currently denied to the majority English-speakers.

In Fraser’s mind, what we have to worry about are the Quebec terrorists: “You have to remember that when the royal commission was launched, there were terrorist bombs going off in Montreal,” he says. “It was developed as a policy that would ease deep-rooted social discontent and serious conflict.”  So there you have it - the OLA was to ease the tensions caused by the Separatists!!!

The truth is that the Separatists are NOT interested in functioning in any other language but French!!!  They don’t accept Official Bilingualism!!!  They, fortunately for them, have leaders who are NOT afraid to say so.  Unfortunately for us (the RoC or the MoC) we have NO leaders at any level with the courage to fight back and say that this amount of power given to the French-speakers is NOT acceptable.

On the other hand, is it the people who are at fault for not saying or doing enough to convince our leaders that this lack of leadership on this most important topic (the over-emphasis on a minority language) is not right!!!  It does not serve the interests of the majority and isn't that what a democracy is all about - the majority?

Darrell Bricker & John Ibbitson’s book, “The Big Shift” devotes some pages to the fact that English is the indisputable language of the world.  Ipsos Reid (3rd largest market research company in the world), head-quartered in Paris, presided over by Didier Truchot & Jean-Marc Lech (two proud Frenchmen), when it decided to go global, made the working language English in the late 1990s. 

On page 57of the book, Bricker & Ibbitson wrote, “It’s time to confront some plain truths about bilingualism in Canada.  Let’s start with a few statistics.  According to the 2011 census, the mother tongue for 58% of Canadians is English.  For 22% of Canadians it’s French, and that represents a slight decline from 22.3% in 2006.  The rest start out with something else.  In their homes, 66% of Canadians speak English; 21% speak French; 13% speak neither.”

On page 59, they wrote, “So, what does it cost us to maintain the fiction of being a bilingual country?  A report released in January 2012 by the Fraser Institute shows that Canada’s 10 provinces spend nearly $900 Million annually providing bilingual govt. services.”  The Federal govt. spends $1.5 Billion.

The figures quoted above do not include the compliance cost of the private sector.  Jim Allan (retired CA from Toronto) calculated that if we include those figures, the cost is in the trillions.  We would have NO national debt if we had not allowed Pierre E. Trudeau to change our constitution to include the OLA!!!!

Keeping Quebec within Canada is costing us far too much!!!

President (CLF)

p.s. I asked some of our readers for their opinion of “The Big Shift” and Marjorie H. wrote:

'The authors are well informed and aware of the changed demographics of Canada.  They have knowledge of many subjects relating to Canada's history and future.  I suppose some of it is dry reading as there are so many statistics in it.  However, overall, the book is informative and explanatory.  People most likely to read it, in my opinion, would be those interested in politics in Canada although it would be of interest to those outside the country who may be considering a move to Canada.  Media members and politicians outside Canada, I think, would have a look at it as well.'


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