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Saturday , October 5, 2013

Great Seduction & More

Ottawa MPP Lisa McLeod has been named the PC Francophone critic.

She replaces Peter Shurman, the Conservative Leader Tim Hudak was demoted to private member  earlier this month, following a controversy regarding the reimbursement of accommodation expenses.

Ms. MacLeod, who will be officially nominated for Francophone Affairs later this week, defending his ability to fulfill his new role saying she took courses in French and her daughter attends a school immersion.

Moreover, the Conservative candidate Martin Forget the Ottawa says it is a "temporary" assignment and he will support Ms. MacLeod. It can also count on the support of the candidate Roxanne Villeneuve, daughter of former Conservative minister responsible for Francophone Affairs Noble Villeneuve.

The Great Seduction

PC seeks to woo more Franco-Ontarians in the coming months in anticipation of a tight election could occur as early as this fall and for which the French vote could be key in some constituencies.

Assembled in congress during the last weekend, the Conservatives said they hoped the event would mark a turning point in order to "advance policies that will protect, the development both in terms of the legacy services compliance the French language, "says Forget to be Conservative candidate for Ottawa-Vanier.

PC tries to clean up the mess after the affair  of the Montfort Hospital in Ottawa , a French institution that former Conservative premier Mike Harris wanted to close in the 1990s for reasons of budgetary savings.

"Monfort, you never to touch it, says Mr. Forget. I am proud to go to Montfort, sometimes I wonder if I'm really in Ontario. "

The Liberal minority government depends on the support of the NDP to stay in power. The Conservatives have already indicated that they were ready to go to the polls today.


Francophone Centre

On Wednesday, August 25th, the Ottawa City Council will debate the issue of the Grant School site being turned into a French-only multi-service centre. We are alerting the citizens into yet another effort at segregation because the French-language group (CMFO) wants the city to give them the old Grant School site for half the price paid by the City to the School Board (original price $3,940,000). They want to rent the premises for the next three years, during which time they will work on the provincial & federal government to give them between $50 & $60 Million to build a multi-service centre only for the French. For a detailed report.

This multi-facetted community centre will offer a variety of services and it is gratifying to see that the general public is no longer willing to buy into this notion that there is a need for tax-payer funded facilities to be reserved only for the French - as if they are such a badly treated community that they cannot survive in English-speaking Canada unless they have their own special facilities that cater to their special linguistic and cultural needs. Many of our Ottawa supporters (God bless their souls) have contacted their councillors and raised objections to this further effort at segregation and they are changing their tactics a little bit. They are now talking about making the facilities bilingual and services will be offered in both languages. The point is - how far are we going to trust them with this?

Bob Hurter, a very concerned Ottawan, has come up with other objections and I think that he has a point. By making this multi-million dollar facility a tax-payer funded facility and providing subsidized services - dental, medical clinics and/or retirement homes in the west end, we are actually funding UNFAIR COMPETITION. Here is Bob‘s letter


Dear Mr. Cullen,

Thank you for your reply with the Statistics Canada home page web site address.

On another matter, I have read through the document Ref N°: ACS2010-CMR-REP-0037, entitled "DISPOSAL STRATEGY - 2720 RICHMOND ROAD - FORMER GRANT ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL" submitted by Kent Kirkpatrick, City Manager/Directeur municipal on 26 July 2010 to the Corporate Services and Economic Development Committee of the City of Ottawa.

A number of matters raised in this document give me great concern regarding potential liabilities to the City from the sale of this property to the Centre multi-services francophone de l’Ouest d’Ottawa (CMFO) based on a value of $3.94 million and incorporating a grant of $1.94 million to the CMFO.

Under BACKGROUND, there is a section LEGAL/RISK MANAGEMENT IMPLICATIONS which states "Legal Services has been advised that CMFO is a non-profit organization. Grants are permissible to organizations that are not a “manufacturing business or other industrial or commercial enterprise. On that basis, there are no legal/risk management impediments to implementing any of the Recommendations arising from this Report."

However, in the attached "FINAL VERSION BUSINESS PLAN SUMBITTED TO THE CITY OF OTTAWA LAND PURCHASE PROPOSAL FORMER GRANT SCHOOL SITE 2720 RICHMOND ROAD, OTTAWA" dated June 17, 2010 prepared by Ronald Bisson & Associates Inc., this report indicates that several risk scenarios were run in which CMFO was the owner of the entire facility and that there was a high risk of potential financial failure in all cases if part of the facilities could not be rented out and were vacant for extended periods.

As such, scenarios were considered which included shared ownership of certain portions of the facilities by both nonprofit and for-profit organizations but with the nonprofit CFMO owning the land. This is nothing less than a manipulation of City rules to allow the establishment of for-profit institutions that will compete with other for-profit institutions in the area that have not had the benefit of the City's largess in terms of a $1.94 million grant.

In this report, section 6.2. Project’s Three Components states "The planned project comprises three separate yet complementary components. At this stage in the process, planning is in the design phase only. The components will be specified as decisions are made by the various organizations involved. An exhaustive analysis by an architectural firm will be needed to determine how these concepts can be implemented at the site. The three components are the following:

  1. Community centre
  2. Long-term care centre
  3. Housing cooperative for seniors

In section 6.3 Summary of the Three Components, states "The project has the following partners. The partnership details will be determined at a later date.

  1. CMFO
  2. Centre communautaire Franc-Ouest
  3. Coopérative Ami Jeunesse
  4. Centre Soleil d’Ottawa Ouest
  5. Action Logement
  6. Équipe de santé familiale de l’Est d’Ottawa
  7. La Cité collégiale - daycare-school and other services
  8. Dental clinic
  9. Caisse populaire - service centre
  10. Montfort Hospital and Revera Inc.
  11. Coopérative pour le bien-être des aînés francophones de l’est de l’Ontario
  12. Future members of the housing cooperativeollowing

Of the list of partners, I believe that at least the ones in blue are for-profit organizations - there may be others.

For example, no dentist is going to operate a dental clinic in this facility unless it is on a for profit basis.

Regarding Revera, their web site contains the following statements:

  • "For over 45 years, Revera has been offering choices in community living, warm hospitality and compassionate care. Since our modest beginning, with one personal care home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we have expanded to over 220 retirement and long term care homes, and skilled nursing centers, including 40 homes in select U.S. locations."
  • "Revera is a fully owned subsidiary of a Canadian federal crown corporation - the Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP IB) - which is charged with managing the pensions of the federal Public Service, the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Reserve Force."

Note that Revera already has 13 locations across all parts of Ottawa offering retirement living, and 2 offering long term care.

Also note that Revera is definitely a for-profit company.

Anyone with a bit of common sense can see that these above mentioned for-profit groups will be in direct competition with other for-profit groups in the community who have not had the benefit of a grant from the City.

As I noted above, this is nothing less than a manipulation of City rules to allow the establishment of for-profit institutions that will compete with other for-profit institutions in the area that have not had the benefit of the City's largess in terms of a $1.94 million grant.

I believe that this may in fact put the City in a position of having to defend its actions if say another retirement home or dental clinic were to sue the City for unfair business practices on this deal.

I would greatly appreciate your comments on this.


Bob Hurter

* The 2010 Disposal Strategy Document is in the PDF File section


We are so grateful when knowledgeable people like Bob come forward to help to prevent further misuse of taxpayer dollars - we are totally dependent on ordinary Canadians to help us in more ways than one. If you live in Ottawa and you have professional services like dentists or other medical providers of service that are private, as well as retirement homes, etc. that are NOT funded by the government and who have to compete with this taxpayer funded facility, I suggest that you contact them & tell them of this attempt to undermine them.

Quebec & the Acadians have been allowed to get away with so much - to the extent where they can do whatever they want and NO political party dares to say or do anything (except Premier Danny Williams of course) and they base their whole power grab on the French language & culture which we, the country as a whole, have been coerced into supporting financially, politically and economically!!!

Don’t allow the French outside Quebec to develop that kind of power because once they’ve got it - they won’t give it up easily.

I have taken the trouble to get the email addresses & phone numbers of ALL our councillors in the hope that those who live in Ottawa and who care about what is developing in this City where the 15% French-speakers are wielding far too much power, will do something. Phone or email your councillors; phone or email all the private service providers who will have to compete with this multi-facetted facility and let’s see if we can stop the French behemoth from rolling over us.

President (CLF)


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