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Monday , September 23, 2013

Dr Tomblers Message & More

The Liberal Party of Ontario is so pleased to be able to say that they are not like the PQ in Quebec whose recent attempt to pass the racist “Quebec Values” charter has received condemnation from across the country.  Monte Kwinter is so proud to be able to say that Ontario “will never go the way of Quebec in seeking to restrict religious rights”.  However, when it comes to showing favoritism to the French-speakers (right of employment, right of segregated health clinics & schools, right to endless grants for French cultural activities and organizations), the Liberal Party seem to have no limits!!  In fact, the pro-French Liberal Party has encouraged the forcing of bilingual signage in four Eastern Ontario townships (Russell, Clarence/Rockland, Casselman & La Nation).  The French Language Services Act has been utilized by the Liberal government to pour tax-payer dollars in the form of  grants to hospitals that will enforce the hiring of bilingual staff as shown recently in the Cornwall General Hospital where the number of French-speaking patients is so small that a mostlybilingualstaff is not necessary.  Of course, the hospital administrators, ever-hungry for money will comply with these hiring guidelines without any question.

Dr. Tombler’s letter to the Standard Freeholder (Feb/15/12) is still available online for those who wish to refresh their memory on this issue

The issue of chasing Ontarians away from jobs in Ontario is well-documented by many nurses who have to leave Ontario to work in hospitals where they don’t need to be able to speak both English & French.  These nurses have left for the States or for other parts of Canada - a great loss to Ontarians who paid for their education and training.  Guess where we’re getting our nurses from to replace those who have left?  You get full marks if your answer is - from Quebec!!!

Religious discrimination may be easier to criticize but so should linguistic discrimination where the minority language-speakers are transformed into 1st class citizens and the non-French speakers are forced into 2nd class status, unable to get jobs in government offices and in agencies funded by the government.

Of course, the French-language lobbies are so strong that even the Conservative Party dares not do or say anything about this policy.

President (CLF)


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New message from Keith B:

The likely new direction of the next French push.

Coming to an "ONTARIO" / "Canadian"  city near you...

They're not happy with "JUST" Quebec, folks.

The master plan was set years ago and the leader P.E.T. first TOLD THEM to take Quebec and make Quebec their own (completely French base in which to work from) and then, he said, "BE MASTER IN YOUR OWN "house" but let that house be ALL OF CANADA":

I was recently debating this issue with two friends, one English and one French.  The English friend said, "this will not work across all of Canada, especially in places like Toronto for example."

I said, “IT WON'T be a matter of choice.  Once these laws are implemented and you have the courts, the legal system and all of Canada's tax payers' money working on the French side there is no choice.  YOU WILL HAVE TO COMPLY.”

JUST LIKE WE ARE NOW SEEING IN EASTERN ONTARIO where the courts are saying that it is ILLEGAL to put up a sign in front of your business that has ONLY English on it thus LEGALLY (with the backing of the LAW) forcing business owners in these small towns (that's where it starts) to put up signs that have both French and English while in Quebec they are forcing the businesses to take the English OFF of the signs.

“FRENCH ONLY" - that's the law in Quebec!!!

And the French friend said, "too bad, that's the law.  You have to follow the law."

Neither one of us could argue back because ... You guessed it, our French friend was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT

I rest my case.


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