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Saturday , September 14, 2013

“If you don’t know your past, you don’t know your future !" Otto von Habsburg

Otto von Habsburg was referring to genealogy (tracing one’s ancestry) but the saying is quite relevant when applied to a country’s history.

Canadians have been very negligent of our country’s history - allowing powerful forces to change our history, replacing those who should be in charge by those who don’t deserve to be in charge.  The French in Quebec have used leaders from that province to rewrite Canada’s history so that their version of our past has been totally reversed to portray themselves as the “victims”, deserving of endless compensation and reparation and a remaking of their identity.  Quebec is going to spare NO expense in this effort to recreate themselves and you can be sure that they won’t lack imagination either to give themselves a “superiority complex”, using as much of the resources of the country as they can get away with.

The Rest (Most) of Canada, in the meantime, is quite willing to take the back seat and become content to “hew the wood and draw the water” to provide them with the wherewithal to fund their nation building.  We have allowed the Socialists & the Progressives to persuade us that we don’t need to teach our children the story of our glorious past, because they say, that past is a story of colonialism - and that is a story full of shame!!!  There is no glory in conquest, they say.  Except in Canada, the French were also conquerors, taking by force of arms the territory occupied by the natives who themselves had moved in from foreign lands.  The French just happened to be less successful as conquerors and lost their occupied territory to the British - so we are just replacing an inferior group of conquerors with a superior group of conquerors and the latter group is the one that led to the development of Canada as we know it today.  We are among the most successful countries in the world and we should not have allowed ourselves and our history to be subjugated by this aggressive force that is based on nothing but a dying language and a moribund culture.

The recent policy of the PQ to create a culture that can only be described as racist is the culmination of at least half a century of Canada allowing the French zealots to push us out of the way, using Trudeau’s patriated Constitution which contained the Official Languages Act, the Charter and the Courts as weapons.

When are we going to fight back?  When are we going to get angry enough to push back and find ways of getting Quebec out of Canada?

The importance of our history and all its component parts is high-lighted by Brian Lilley’s interview with Gavin McInnes, a Scots from Ottawa who complains that the Canadian Museum of Civilization has left out the part played by the Scots in the building of Canada.  It was a hilarious interview but we should really be angry that the Federal government has seen fit to allow our real history to be displaced by our politically correct sensitivity towards Quebec and the French Fact.

President (CLF)


The National Question

A government in Canada gets serious about teaching national history. Unfortunately it's the wrong government and the wrong "nation."

At the CEGEP level, the PQ government was more clear: it is aiming to introduce a new, mandatory course in “Quebec’s national history” within the next 12 months. An existing committee of CEGEP teachers and administrators will be asked to determine how best to structure and integrate the new course, Duchesne said. Like the changes to the primary and secondary curricula, it is expected to be rolled out in September 2014.

The difference between Quebec nationalism and Canadian nationalism is confidence. They believe Quebec is a nation, we believe Canada is a sprawling socialist multicultural hotel. The former is the more emotionally compelling vision, the latter is a financially unsustainable nullity. The Quebecois nationalist believes in his language and a certain version of his cultural history. The Pequistes being militant secularists you can be reassured that this new "national" history will take the usual potshots at the Catholic Church. Still the Pequiste believes in something.

What do we in English Canada believe? A failed experiment in socialized health care half a century out of date? A society willing to tolerate violent groups committed to its own destruction? An elite dominated by self-hating WASPs keen to erase whatever residue of British government and liberty that still remains? Between nothing and something, however unappealing the something, count on people to go for the something.

While Quebec independence is a pipe dream for financial and demographic reasons, the failure of English Canada to offer a compelling civic nationalism bodes ill for the future. Pandering to Quebec is no longer an essential element in forming national governments, dealing with the country's rapidly expanding ethnic population will be. Multicultural hotels are not nations, they are decadent constructs that exists only briefly in the fervid imaginations of intellectuals. Ethnographically diverse societies have two options, integration or balkanization.

A Canada without a keen sense of its own history, traditions, heroes and villains is a Canada that offers little to its immigrants beyond material comforts.  Nations, like men, do not live by bread alone.

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August 31, 2013

I was sent this link today and I thought that it made a very important point!!!  Your interview with Gavin McInnes is hilarious but also very sad that NOBODY has come forward to tell Canadians that they are being robbed of their legitimate history!!!

Canadian history, like everything else in this God-forsaken country, has been high-jacked by the French and it’s time we make a bigger fuss about it than we have done so far. What can we do to make this a topic of conversation?  I can circulate this message across the country but I would like you to add a message before I do so.

Kim McConnell

p.s. found an old article that fits with our concerns.  I was trying to look for Jack Granatstein’s email because he would agree with this view i.e. that Canadians are very ignorant of their history and this is disastrous!!!  I was unable to do so.

A Crisis Of Ignorance

Adam Chapnick

Canada's 150th anniversary will take place in 2017, but according to a recent Dominion Institute study, Canadians probably won't notice.

The institute's Canadian History Report Card paints a disturbing picture of the state of history education in Canada today. In spite of years of lobbying, popular campaigns and public prodding, only four of Canada's 13 provincial and territorial governments require students to complete even a single course in Canadian history before graduating from high school.

The institute recommends not allowing Canadian high schoolers to graduate without having taken two high school history courses. Furthermore, it suggests that these courses should balance national and regional history, should be taught chronologically, should integrate primary source evidence and analysis, should emphasize critical thinking and writing and should culminate in a national history examination.

Understanding our history makes us better Canadians, but it also makes us better people, the institute explains. By denying the next generation an understanding of our past, we risk compromising their ability to make a difference in the future.

The institute is not the first to make this argument. Jack Granatstein's best-selling Who Killed Canadian History? made the point. The people behind (a bilingual educational Web site developed to promote the teaching and learning of Canadian history and heritage), The Beaver magazine and others agree. It has been more than a decade since the public campaign to improve the teaching of Canadian history began in earnest, yet progress has been fleeting. One of the significant impediments to change has always been jurisdictional. The federal government claims to be powerless because education is a provincial responsibility. And the provinces show no interest in surrendering their exclusive right to set their own curricula, and seem unusually comfortable with the lack of national standards. Municipalities have never considered national history their problem.

But jurisdiction is not the only roadblock: The lack of political will to force a change is equally important. Canadian leaders at every level have repeatedly failed to respond to a crisis of ignorance that is growing larger.

Although the public campaigns waged by the Dominion Institute and other organizations like it have been noble and well-intentioned, they have reached the limits of their effectiveness. there will be no progress until the political elite in Canada feel a personal stake in educating young people about the nation's story.

Proponents of Canadian history should emphasize the potential embarrassment that the tragic loss of Canadians' collective memory, and the general reluctance to do anything substantive about it, might eventually cause Ottawa in national and international fora. The inability of Canada's leaders to handle even the simplest historical questions during the constitutional crisis that energized the country and nearly toppled the government last fall should have been a warning.

Does Canada really want to be the only developed country whose prime minister might graduate from a Canadian high school without ever having taken a course in his or her own national history? Judging from the Dominion Institute's surveys, without changes to the provincial curricula it is only a matter of time before some of our future members of Parliament consider running for office without the basic knowledge of Canada's past necessary to pass our own citizenship test.

Before we consider a national history exam for high school graduates, why not establish one for all federally elected politicians? Institutionalizing the importance of Canadian history would undoubtedly spur our leadership to action. The Dominion Institute should also challenge serving politicians to participate in a nationally televised history contest. Such an event would encourage Canadians to learn more about their country, and pressure politicians to do the same.

Finally, during the next federal election, the institute -- or another organization like it -- should ask all federal candidates to document the extent of their knowledge of Canada's past, how they received it and how it will contribute to their conduct as members of Parliament. The results could be published on the institute's Web site, allowing Canadians to compare the responses for themselves.

Clearly, efforts to shame policymakers into action by documenting Canadians' collective national ignorance have failed. And with the state of the provincial curricula today, it is likely that Canada's next generation of political leaders will know less about their country than any generation before it.

The Dominion Institute has been too kind in the past. Next time, it should set its sights higher and demand that Canada's leaders know something about the country that they are hoping to govern.

Once our politicians have a personal understanding of how much of our history has already been lost, perhaps they will gain the courage to mobilize the provinces to improve the state of education across the country.


On the local front, we have been alerted by Eric who sent this message:

I just read a Google translated article concerning the Ottawa group trying to get official bilingualism here. Luc Leger is the ACFO (Ottawa Association of Francophone Communities) Coordinator of the States General group that has 4 or 5 priorities and is confident with the progression of the bilingual element.

The bilingual component has 14 members and is close to presenting their case for official bilingualism. Their document covers arguments and mobilization methods that show how implementing this is an advantage. The final stage is early 2014 when they intend to present the report to elected officials.

The item is written in French - to translate this to English, just copy the URL and paste it into Google translate.

The French zealots are very well funded and have the participation of high-level French officials at the provincial & federal government levels.  They are pushing very hard to get the Liberal government to designate the City of Ottawa to be “Officially Bilingual” because they know how much more power they will have with that designation.  Canadians for Language Fairness tried to stop the City from adopting by-law 2001-170 which gives the French a lot of power but we were unsuccessful.  This policy has already given the French-speakers (many from Quebec) a huge advantage in city jobs:

  1. By forcing French (the home language of less than 15% of the City) to be on par with English (spoken by 85% of the City), which group do you think meets the majority of the jobs that are declared bilingual?
  2. Any private enterprise wishing to get City contracts must be able to operate in both languages so obviously businesses that have speakers of the minority language get most of the contracts.
  3. Workers must be able to work in the language of choice and be supervised in the language of choice - again this enforces supervisors to be bilingual (once again, which language group has the advantage?)
  4. The bilingual requirement of most jobs (both public & private) naturally gives the advantage to the minority language group so that we are forced to give employment to French speakers from Quebec who don’t even pay taxes in Ottawa/Ontario.  So our own citizens are shut out of jobs paid for by us so that many of our young, non-French, citizens are forced to leave the city.

With the designation of “Official Bilingual”, the City of Ottawa will be forced to increase the number of French-speakers in the Halls of Power who can then divert more resources to develop more French institutions and agencies - the French zealots know this and that is why they are pushing hard for this designation.

What I would like is for a committee to concentrate on building a defensive force against this move.  Anyone living in Ottawa who cares about NOT allowing the City to be totally controlled by the French is asked to offer their service.

  1. We need researchers to compile statistics to show that the French are already in a position of advantage.
  2. We need contacts to help solicit City Councillors who will help us stop the French Councillors from achieving their goal.
  3. We need to identify who the French Councillors are who are only interested in pushing the French agenda.

Kim McConnell


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