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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Keith Videos & More

I have told you about Keith whose technical expertise with creating videos has grown by leaps and bounds.  Well, he has just created a video out of my last message.

This has given our messages a whole new out-look and I would like to hear from you if you think that it is an improvement.  Personally, I think that it is fantastic to be able to see in visual format what I have circulated in written format.  If you have FaceBook, please show your approval after you’ve viewed the link.  If you don’t have FB, the same video is available for viewing here, here, and here.

Keith has a collection of videos, all on the topic close to our hearts. The number of hits for all his production is 65,000 so he is reaching a lot of viewers. Hurrah for Keith!!!


This video was created from an article, “Quebec’s History through the Separatist Looking-glass” The written article is from the National Post, written by Barbara Kay.


We have so few people who are willing to donate time to our cause that when someone comes forward to help us in such a tremendous fashion, I can only say “THANK YOU” many, many times.  It is very frustrating when we see ALL levels of government going out of their way to give tax-payers’ hard-earned dollars to the French as if they are not already at the top of Canadian society.

Just recently, someone sent me an item from the (dated Sept/17/13), entitled, “Grant aims to get young Francophone women ready for leadership role” in pdf format.  If you want to read it, please contact me as our distribution service cannot handle any attachments.  In the article, $199,000 will be given to Alliance des femmes de la francophonie (AFFC) for two years.  At the bottom of the item - “The Federal government has approved $5.9 Million in funding for similar programs for girls & women nationwide.”.  It doesn’t say if this is only for the French women or for all women.

We should contact Min. Kellie Leitch - Labour & Status of Women - and ask for details.


We’re still looking for researchers to help us prepare a defence to stop the French zealots from designating Ottawa to “Official Bilingual” status.  The French groups are getting organized to get the provincial government to pass this law and they are being encouraged by the Federal government.  They are planning this for early 2014. 

I’ve got two people willing to do research - we need more.

President (CLF)


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