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Saturday, August 30,  2014

Bravo, Kelly Egan

Bravo, Kelly Egan!!!   You have said what most main-stream media dare NOT say but which is common knowledge in Canada - that the OLA is a sorry failure!!!  The group pushing for the expansion of the original intention of the act to “provide service in the language of choice WHERE NUMBERS WARRANT” has now become the right to work and be supervised in the language of choice.  This has led to management and supervisory positions in the public service to become the purview of French speakers as they are the ones most likely to be bilingual and as hiring underlings is their prerogative, they hire their own, leading to a public service over-representing the minority language group.

The OLA (1969) was a federal law, applicable only in the courts & the federal public service - it was adopted in its entirely by only ONE province (New Brunswick).  Other provinces (mainly in Eastern Canada) were coerced by the well-funded French lobby into adopting the French Language Services Act - Ontario is one of them.  The lobby to make the City of Ottawa “officially bilingual” is a well-funded French group (ACFO), headed by French political leaders and the bilingual academia to push for more French services and French-only public agencies.  The academia (of the socialist variety) believes in social engineering - using the law to bring about correction to perceived social injustice.  Coercion & enforcement only bring about resentment and rebellion and we have seen this growing by leaps & bounds as more Canadians see the extent to which this policy has been pushed.

Legal challenges & threats  by various left-wing political factions (Liberal & NDP) have silenced or forced the Conservative government into compliance.

Kelly Egan says it so well - please take the time to read it in its entirety and celebrate the fact that the “God that failed” is no longer to be mindlessly worshipped!!!

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