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Friday, August 22,  2014

Graham Fraser's Extended Term

I can finally understand why Graham Fraser was given an extended term as the Commissioner of Official Languages - the Conservatives knew what an idiot he is and realized that, given enough rope, he would hang himself!!!  He has finally done it this time!!!  This person has alienated so many people by using his office (funded to the tune of $20 million annually) to investigate so many completely idiotic complaints and making his office look so foolish!!!!  Even the Liberals who love the OLA can see what a waste of time and money this office is!!!  This final "investigation" has opened the eyes of so many people because it shows how utterly infantile his office has become.  I've never seen so many people coming forward to call an end to this social-engineering, Liberal policy that has been inflicted on the Canadian people for over 40 years and has done nothing but cause more ill-feelings between the English-speaking majority and the French-speaking minority!!  P.E. Trudeau used the excuse of "bringing home" the constitution from Westminster and in the process he entrenched the disastrous OLA and the equally disastrous Charter - both documents have been the cause of a lot of grief to too many Canadians.  People keep criticizing the Conservative government for not doing something about the way the OLA is interpreted but as long as the 1982 Constitution is in place, their hands are tied!!!

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