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Monday, August 26,  2014

Well-Written Articles

We’re always looking for well-written articles by the media.  Someone sent me an article from the social media which I thought was interesting -.  The web site is: - authored by J. J. McCullough.  We like it particularly because Mr. McCullough writes on all sorts of issues - the language debacle is not his focus.  If you have time to read the comments by posters to his article, you’ll find that most of them are well-written, even if not all are in support of our stance on this issue.  Most of them are of the opinion that knowing several languages is a good thing - we agree!!!  Of course it makes a person a more rounded person who can communicate with people from different parts of world, etc. etc.  We have no quarrel with people who like learning languages - our quarrel is with a government enforced language which attempts to equate a minority language (spoken by a decreasing proportion of Canadians) to a language spoken by the majority.

The article was written in 2011 so it’s a little out of date - but still relevant.  I’m not sure if new comments are welcomed but I sent in my comment anyway:

I wish to thank J.J. for a very informative article and the opportunity to read all the comments - most of them are thoughtful comments.  However, NO ONE has referred to the fact that this policy is FORCED on Canadians by the very devious actions of a Prime Minister who, being a Socialist, believed in social engineering and took the opportunity of bringing back our constitution from Westminster to entrench two very egregious social engineering policies (the OLA & the Charter).  On top of that he gave the courts the right to interpret what is in the constitution and further ensured that the appointed judges are of the Liberal variety.   The Official Languages Act has cost the country billions over the 40+ years that it has been in operation and the cost in human terms cannot be measured.  A minority language cannot be used as the yardstick of competence but that is what it has become.  The number of well-qualified people who have lost their jobs or been denied promotion because they cannot master a minority language, heard only in Quebec, New Brunswick and Eastern Ontario, far outweigh the questionable result of the original objective of keeping the country together.  As it has caused more ill-feelings between the majority English-speakers and the minority French-speakers, its primary reason for being has been a failure.  Quebec does not feel any happier being part of Canada (it has rejected bilingualism in favour of persecuting English-speakers) and the only reason its separatist movement has failed is that the Federal government's bribe of the huge Equalization Payments Policy has been hard to resist.  With this policy due for renegotiation this year (2014), let's hope that the Western provinces will stop this wholesale wealth transfer that has only created more welfarism in Eastern Canada, with Ontario being added to the growing list of "have-not" provinces.

It was refreshing to read the refreshing views of Jean-Francois Lacelle who understands that the Francophones themselves should work to preserve their own language and not expect the government to do it for them.  The element of "force" which includes the  diminishment of employment opportunities or fines when bilingual sign by-laws are violated is not the way to make French a language one wants to learn.  Coercion only breeds resistance & contempt.

President (CLF)


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