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Sunday December 7, 2014

Awareness Campaign

James Q. from Ontario has challenged our readers to boycott businesses that promote bilingualism outside Quebec but acquiesce to forced unilingualism in Quebec.  This can be done by launching an “Awareness Campaign” to list companies that our readers feel have done the above.  Other readers think that we should launch a campaign to raise money for advertising our effort by buying advertisement in buses.  Advertising is a very expensive proposition and we can only do this if people are willing to help us raise the funds.

Here is James Q.’s message:

Hi Kim,

I am an old man with numerous health issues. I can advise, collect within my own family and friends and promote. I have more hospital appointments than Dr. Killdaire, if you know who he is.

I also don't live in eastern Ontario, I reside in Mississauga, and do my utmost on a daily basis to inform and promote all that you and Kilroy aspire to. No one wants Quebec out of confederation more than I do. However I am limited in what I can do.

As far as a list goes, people who reside in your neck of the woods must have local knowledge of businesses . A list can be generated from these people and will evolve as more establishments become known from the English people that live there.

A simple message, just don't do business with people that are anti-English and who support the cause of bilingualism

The bigger picture here is the money. You know most people, I dare say upwards of 90% of people will gladly give a loonie or tooney for this cause. The key, is many, many people will give especially if they are presented with the stats that exist regarding the power base that the French have in this nation.

These are POWERFUL stats that most Anglos across the country are UNAWARE of.  Once known the loonies and toonies will flow.

For example, I have a friend in Mississauga that was shocked at what I told him.  He in turn told two friends and the chain was launched. What these people need is a follow-up and leadership to take up the cause.  Hence the loonies and toonies will address that.  In fact by asking for a looney or toonie, you may get more money than you ask for.

The monies will also sustain a campaign of AWARENESS across the country.  I have also made contacts in B.C. and Alberta . So the fight is far from over - it is just starting.

Each of us can, on a monthly basis, collect our loonies and toonies.  At the end of each month these monies are forwarded to a central location and counted.  A keeper of the funds, from your organization banks the money and generates a statement sent to all of us with the amount received in that month.

For example, if I collect $100 a month and the Camerons collect a $100.00 a month and Kilroy collects a $100.00 per month and say multiply this by, say 20 or 30 people, then we have a start and we have a base.

Those people in turn asks more people in their own families and circle of friends to contribute and expansion happens resulting in more money

This is NOT rocket science it is simple and most great ideas are simplistic not complicated.

These funds then can begin a campaign of awareness across Canada.

These are just suggestions, or as you say, thinking outside the box.



I get reports from people about the amount of money that are being spent by tax-payers to focus on the French in our midst, no matter how small a proportion they make of the total population.  We get reports from New Brunswick & Ontario as these are the front-line provinces for French domination.  When these provinces have succeeded in establishing a formidable French presence, other provinces like Manitoba will be next.  The French march will go right across Canada.

The following are messages sent to me about what’s happening in Ontario:

With the hundreds of millions of dollars in over runs for the Pan Am Games in Toronto next summer, were you concerned that French would not be represented properly?

No fear, Ontario and Graham Fraser have teamed up to make your day with a memo of understanding that includes mechanisms to complain if there is not enough French.


According to this article, Unique FM 94.5 receives grants of up to $130,000 a year, have a deficit of $208,249, were able to get volunteers, now have infighting over some wanting more English music to attract more Francophones.


A Francophone group trying to get an Upper Canada Village type facility for St Albert has extended the dream to 2017. They wanted 3 million from the community but have only 1.2 million. St Albert Cheese are donating the land but that has not been ratified yet. The federal and Ontario government will provide a grant when the project is completed and this seems to be slowing them down. The dream of 15 buildings is being reviewed and with construction to start in 2015, they hope donations will increase then.


The Office of Francophone Affairs (OFA) advises the Ontario Government, on matters concerning Francophone Affairs and the provision of French-language services. It fosters the Franco-Ontarian community's participation in Ontario society while supporting its language and cultures. The OFA transfers federal funding to other ministries and agencies for projects that are funded under the Canada-Ontario Agreement on French-Language Services

Ministry Total Operating and Capital Including Consolidation and Other Adjustments (not including Assets)

  • Actual (2012 - 13)                 $4,983,058
  • Estimates (2013 - 14)           $4,989,200
  • Estimates (2014 - 15)          $4,120,000


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