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Tuesday December 30, 2014


Tomorrow is the Scottish New Year celebration known as “Hogmanay”.  This is celebrated by the Scots on New Year’s Eve when the tradition of “First Footing” is observed.  This is carried out by a visitor coming to your door with a bottle of whiskey, a lump of coal & a piece of black pudding to share with the host - preferably the visitor is “a male, tall and dark”.  The tradition originated from the days when the Nordic races were a threat to the Scottish people and a blond person would be a reminder of those days.

The Scots played a huge part in the building of Canada and it is sad that the Canadian Museum of Civilization has chosen to leave out any reference to the Scots.  Here is an episode from Brain Lilley’s show in which he talked about the very deliberate effort at historical revisionism that emphasized the part played by the French but left out the part played by the Scots & the English from last year or the year before.

The SunTV is the only medium of communication that has the temerity to talk about this issue and we thank them for their courage.  Why would our Federal government allow this to happen?

Here’s Brian Lilley again pointing out that the Commissioner of Official Languages should really be called the Commissioner of the French language as that seems to be all that concerns Graham Fraser.

For those who have forgotten the history of Canada, here is Kilroy’s excerpt.

The story of the Scots in Canada is told at this link.

Take the time to read about the early Scottish settlers and the hardship they endured carving out the great country we call Canada.

It is amazing that this group of very innovative people can be so easily ignored.  The Hudson Bay Company & McGill University were started by the Scots; PMs Sir John A. MacDonald & Sir Alexander MacKenzie were from Scotland; the inventor of the telephone (Alexander Graham Bell); Sanford Fleming - an engineer & inventor of the penicillin & the Silver Dart plane are just some of the famous people from Scotland who helped put Canada on the world map.



Ken Davis from Cornwall would like us to prepare a petition to be sent to the Canadian Museum of Civilization, asking them why they have chosen to insult the real founders of our country:

“Perhaps in your New Year message just invite comments on the idea of a petition insisting that the Plains of Abraham, and Scottish contributions be included in the Museum’s presentations and exhibits.

In my mind, the omission of our history played out on the Plains of Abraham and the contributions of the Scots are simply examples of the exclusion of English to enhance the illusion that Canada is all French.

Visitors to Canada, like visitors to any country, invariably seek out museums to learn about the culture and history of the country.  In the absence of any English/Scottish content, the Canadian Museum projects Canada as being French.”

Do we have anyone who has the ability to write a petition that we can circulate?  You never know, if there are enough people upset about the Canadian Museum’s deliberate insult to the real founders of Canada, we might be able to make them change their French-first and French-only tactics.

John Ivison will be hosting the Hogmanay Party at the Aberdeen Hall tomorrow with the New Year being rung in at 7:00 pm .  Admission is free - you just to pay for your own alcohol & food.

This will be held at the Aberdeen Pavilion at Landsowne Park, 450 Queen Elizabeth Driveway, Ottawa.  For more information, please call:  613-580-2420

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