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Sunday , January 5, 2014

Not ANOTHER French University!

Ontario Doesn’t Need Another French University - Macleans Magazine

We are all very familiar with the French agenda - they have used the advantage given to them by the Liberal government under P.E. Trudeau to enlarge and expand their powers.   The Federal OLA (1st passed in 1969 and revised in 1982) has been revised many times by Orders in Council (where NO debate is required) and in each case, more power is handed to the French-speakers.  As we know, language is under the purview of provinces and in 1986, the Liberal government in Ontario under the Premiership of David Peterson brought in and coerced members of the Conservative Party to allow the passage of the French Language Services Act - Bill 8 (either by staying away when it came up for the final vote or by abstaining from the vote).  We are doing a detailed study of how this act was passed and how it has been used to create regional bilingualism by offering municipal government agencies (like the Cornwall Hospital) financial incentives to fall under the auspices of the FLSA.  There are now 25 regions under the FLSA and several of them do not even qualify under the criteria originally established (the original criteria was 10% of the population).  More on that as a team of our supporters work on getting evidence that should serve as a serious warning about the growing power of the French in Eastern Canada.

John McC sent us this summary of the languages of the world in 2012:

In a desperate attempt to “rescue” their declining language on the world stage, the Canadian Francophones and Francophiles (those who have used their linguistic prowess to attach themselves to the new Power Clique, using Language to replace Merit, Qualification & Experience) are using the Canadian tax-payers as their source of funds to demand that MORE and MORE be spent on them.

The following article from MacLeans is written by someone who has been studying the situation of French demands for more French universities in Canada.  Read the article for yourselves and see if you agree that this small group of linguistic zealots should get so much more than they deserve.  Unfortunately, many of the comments are against Josh’s arguments - either written by the above-mentioned Francophones who are the only beneficiaries of more money being thrown at them or Francophiles who are desperate to belong to that privileged group.

President (CLF)


Bob H. wants anyone interested to join this battle to let your MPs & MPPs know how you feel about this issue.  Do not sit back and think that this is not your problem - if you are part of the English-speaking majority, it is your problem and the more you sit back and do nothing, the more difficult it will be for you and your family to prosper in Canada.

I encourage you to enlist like-minded people that you know to sign up for emails from the Conservatives

Then, whenever the Conservatives send out emails looking for money and/or saying what a wonderful job they are doing, you and all your friends can reply however you wish.

Do not simply hit the reply button as your email will go to a general email address, and will likely be ignored.  Look up the sender's email address:

If it is a member of parliament, you can find their email address here by clicking on the person's name. If it is someone from the Conservative National Council, send the reply back to John Walsh who is its President.

Please feel free to use anything in my email in any that you send.  The more people who send them emails from across the country, the more impact it will have and maybe they will finally listen.

All the best to you for 2014.



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