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Saturday, January 11,  2014

Quebec's Maladies

This will be my last message before my holidays to Malaysia (will be back at the end of February, 2014).  This message will be extra long because I have so much to pass on before I leave on Monday.  We have two social events  a year and our next event will be the St. Patrick’s Day Brunch and for that, please contact Beth Trudeau (

This message will concentrate on Quebec & its failures.  There are several articles on the topic of Quebecers leaving the province - I will leave you with the links to most of them for your own investigation below the one that I think is most damning.

The 2nd part of this message will be on our esteemed Language Commissar - Graham Fraser.  An article that he wrote was so hilariously idiotic that I cannot allow it to pass by without inviting comments from one of our most acidic writers - Sharon MacLise.   If you dislike Fraser as much as I do, you’ll enjoy Sharon’s response to his article.  For someone who is a Quebecer himself, it is hilarious that he doesn’t know that Jack Layton originated from Quebec & has exposed his ignorance to a lot of ridicule.

He has to follow that will another “hissy-fit” over the lack of bilingual signs at Canada’s airports - lucky for us, the people in charge of the airports are not as clueless as he appears to be.  I’ll put in as much as I can - you can decide how much you want to read.

Be back in March with more on what we’re doing to expose the idiocy happening in Quebec and what the Rest (Most) of Canada can do about it.

President (CLF)

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Focus On Fraser

Graham Fraser’s article below is such a load of hog-wash that it is embarrassing that he has been re-appointed by the Harper government to continue a job he was doing so badly in the first place.  Does this guy actually believe what he’s writing?  Is he really trying to tell us that Quebec & Canada are getting more “friendly” or more “connected”?  Does he mean to suggest that the Official Languages Act is actually the reason for this?  Hasn’t he noticed that there are more Canadians so fed up with Quebec and their stupidity (not to mention them being tired of these ungrateful beggars) that the cries of “LET THEM GO” is becoming louder and the “LET’S KICK THEM OUT” is getting heard more often?

For a ‘foreign body,’ Canada does a lot to include Quebec

Letter to the Editor

Graham Fraser always finds a voice for his one-way “conversation” with Canadians - the Montreal Gazette, a tabloid for Quebec propaganda.  Too bad it fears to publish the honest opinions on the “Quebec question” from the West, the place where all the never-ending stream of Quebec bills get paid.

It seems to me that Fraser protests too much.  Does he actually think that the ROC cares much anymore what Quebec or Quebecers think of Canada and the rest of us?  He sounds like a typically self-absorbed spurned husband trying to persuade a reluctant wife to take him back after she has had to endure a series of his sordid love affairs. He has wasted her money, her time and now, finally, her regard, but still he is thick-headed and arrogant enough to think that a series of petty, whining excuses for his bad behavior will lure her back into a thankless marriage.

Fraser ought to give his head a shake ~ and please, please, give us a break and stop pandering.  We have had to endure too many of these soliloquy’s from him lately.  They always go something like this: “We never used to be good to you, because, well, sorry, but you didn’t deserve it.  But guess, what - joy and salvation, aren’t you so happy - we love you now.  Lucky for you, that we have finally come around.  You must know that anyone would love to have us - the sauvé, sophisticated, worldly, debonair rogue that we are.  But now that you have learned to just hand over the money with gratitude for our attention, and please, no whining, we have decided to stay.” Dear me - give us a break, please. 

Do we really blame him for his confidence that Canada will forever be grateful for Quebec’s attention and our determination to remain doormats?  Not really;  a series of Quebec Prime Ministers and now, a baffling Albertan, have pretty much established our “kick us again” predictability.  But, just as the spurned wife finally figures out that no amount of patience and forbearance on her part will help her heel of a husband develop any character, Canada has finally realized that Quebec, just as it has always predicted,  is NOT a part of Canada.  Oh yes, it is there for the love, and especially for the money, for the free meal and even the on-demand dessert, but it slinks off just in time that the walks need shoveling and the kid needs his pants changed.  Mention the stack of bills on the hallway counter, or the bankrupting drain on the bank account from the constant philandering, or maybe even the idea that he try to contribute “just a little” to his own upkeep, and his eyes glaze over.

All  of you overburdened wives out there seeking a quick divorce - just tell me how many times you have heard this: Yes, there is still a sense of distance, misunderstanding or sometimes disconnection. There always has been and there probably always will be. But we can rise above the tension and conflict, and we can get past the misunderstandings.Yep, I am pretty sure that is textbook sniveling.  And here is the textbook reply: “Don’t let the door hit you in the butt, on your way out.”

Sharon Maclise


Canadian airports need to be more bilingual: Languages commissioner

Airports at odds with official languages commissioner over passenger rights

The fact that many Quebecers are unilingual French is a deliberate, paranoiac policy perpetrated by the racist Quebec government and supported by the Language Commissar himself!!!  By brain-washing the French into believing that their assimilation can be prevented by shutting their minds & hearts to the reality of living in North America and indeed, the world, and forcing them to support a unilingual French policy, these language zealots think that they can force everybody to accommodate them. WRONG!!!  All that is happening is that Quebec is becoming a bigger basket case by the minute and forcing the exodus of people to other parts of Canada.

The most unfortunate result of this is that Quebecers (most of them are bilingual) are moving out to other provinces and forcing us to accommodate them.  Most of Eastern Canada have fallen victim to this policy because the bilingual Quebecers are grabbing all the jobs in Ontario, New Brunswick and now PEI with its newly adopted French Language Services Act.   Watch out, Nova Scotia, you’re next!!!  We have seen how this disastrous catering to the French-speakers has caused so much grief in Ontario where the FLSA (1986) was passed under very nefarious conditions by the David Peterson government.  A group of very concerned Ontarians are working on a special educational campaign to tell Ontarians how the FLSA has been manipulated so that the 4+% of French-speakers are being given so much money & so much influence that it boggles the mind that in a bankrupt province with so much debt, we can still spend so much of our scarce resources throwing money at a group of citizens who are already over-represented politically & in the job market.

On the pretence of preventing assimilation, the powerful French lobby is able to force the Ontario Liberal government into spending more on French-only schools, French-only child-care centres, French-only health clinics while at the same time, forcing English-speaking institutions to become bilingual.  Talk about having your cake and eating it too - the French have it aced and the English-speakers are still asleep at the switch!!!

President (CLF)


Hi Kim,

You can also include in your next story, the fact that the French-only health clinic in Embrun has a large sign out front (I took picture when driving) saying in French AND THEN IN ENGLISH that they were accepting new patients. 

Further proof that it is the Quebecois invasion of Ontario that is leading to these French-only demands.  Obviously, in Embrun, even though supposedly 50% are French, they couldn't find enough bigots to use a French-only clinic, ha!

Beth T.


Just a note on Air traffic controllers in Quebec to keep your heart rate up - ha ha!

Jean Marchand was Minister of Transportation during the implementation towards French under Trudeau. He is listed in this Google book as always supporting the expanded use of French and tried to end the situation where French Canadians were exposed to the indignity of speaking English to one another while in Quebec. There is just so much wrong with all that!

Eric L.


"Canadian airports need to be more bilingual" declares Canada's Official Languages Commissioner. (Jan. 8).  His title totally belies his sinister, prolonged and absurd acceptance that the French language must be promoted above all other minority languages in Canada.  It is just the latest in his demands to push for the imposition of Official Bilingualism across our overwhelmingly English-speaking country, at horrendous annual costs to taxpayers.  All the while, Quebec remains officially French, with English being banished from sight.

Graham Fraser's declarations leave no doubt in the minds of a rapidly growing number of Canadians, coast to coast, that a step-by-step plan is under way, as forecasted in a book by J.V. Andrew, suitably titled 'Bilingual To-day, French To-morrow'.




Simply because Fraser wrote the article is no reason to deny the occasional logic in his words. I agree with the sense that Quebec is waking-up to the reality that, alone, it fails. Inclusion means survival in some acceptable form. Co-option has served minorities well.

That said, so what? Quebec is now very weak as an entity.  It is 121% in debt, or something like that. It is decreasingly powerful on the national stage. It has virtually no international clout or even presence. The better-educated are leaving if they cannot find work in Quebec. Its energy influence is almost over, thanks to shale fuel recovery and Newfoundland's rising strength in hydroelectric generation. Taxes are soaring and individual savings are gone. The educated recognise that English is essential for their children.

Now is a great time to demand concessions and change. Now is the beginning of the pendulum's return swing. We don't need to demonize "vendus" like Fraser, because they render themselves impotent through excessive fawning that ultimately makes the skin crawl on most readers. What we can do is identify the hypocrisy and demand change.  That will garner attention. Insulting Fraser does not, at least to the public.

Regards,  Ray


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