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Friday, July 11,  2014

$600M For 4%

Ontario spends over $600 Million a year looking after the interests of the 4% French speaking Ontarians, providing French-language education and social services and financing the hundreds of French activist groups that exist only to fight for the rights of French speakers.  Now David Reevely thinks that this should be increased so that our courts are made bilingual, to serve the requests of a tiny group of citizens.  These requests have to be paid for and who should be sent the bill but people like the lady who requested the French documents but really had NO interest in the case.  Does she think that these translations should be paid for by the general tax-payer whose interests are NOT served by these translations?

Ontario is near bankruptcy with a debt of nearly $290 Billion, with a servicing load of $10.9 Billion a year. We should be thinking in terms of cutting back on some of the unnecessary expenditures - forcing courts to provide translation service, whether needed or not, should NOT be encouraged.  Please take note, David Reevely!!!

President (CLF)


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