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Saturday, May 17,  2014

Mandate & Sanity

Canadians for Language Fairness is still pursuing our mandate to bring sanity to the language policy of Canada.  For several months, our distribution service was non-operational so many of our readers have not heard from us.  Some of you have contacted me to ask if they had been left off the distribution list for a reason.  Well, we’re back on line and I would like to introduce a very productive member of our team - a person who goes by the name of Kilroy.  Somehow, Kilroy has managed to get links to some very revealing videos which relays our message in a much nicer format than just reading text.

Kilroy has been struggling with the same puzzle that many of us have had to face - why are English-speaking Canadians so willing to accept 2nd class status with NO concerted effort to fight back?  It is a proven fact that Official Bilingualism is a failed policy which discriminates against the 80% of Canadians who cannot function in French & that we have spent billions in the last half century supporting a policy which has clearly divided the country along linguistic lines!!!

The Liberal Party and the NDP fully support this policy and ignore the fact that it has NOT made Quebec feel any more friendly towards the RoC (Rest of Canada) or, more accurately, the MoC (Most of Canada).  The Conservative Party has tried in various ways NOT to follow the OLA to its smallest detail (for e.g. by appointing non-bilingual Michael Ferguson to the position of Auditor General or by resisting the LIB/NDP call for appointing only bilingual judges to the Supreme Court) but their hands are tied by the Constitution with the entrenchment of the OLA, the Charter & the Supremacy of the Courts, all designed to protect, promote & preserve the French language & culture.

Watch the videos put together by Kilroy:

French first and French ONLY...

Have you noticed? Or, did you know?

Rants 04 - Danny Williams "outs" Quebec

If you do not agree with our stand against the Official Languages and the havoc it has created in Canada, please reply to this message with “Take me off this list” and I will gladly do so.

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