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Thursday, May 9,  2014

Another Keith Video

Another winner, Keith!!!  Bowser & Blue laughing at the Good Little Anglophones in Quebec who are getting used to being 3rd class citizens.

Same thing is happening in New Brunswick where “bilingualism” is giving way to “unilingualism” in segregated French institutions  to protect the “fragile” French language & culture from the dreaded disease of “assimilation” into the despicable non-culture of the English-speakers!!!

With the French Language Services Act in Ontario, the French-pressure groups (generously funded to the tune of $623 Million, according to the 2009 Fraser Institute report) are working very hard to force the French advantage on the majority non-French population.  With the power wielded by the French groups, one would never believe that there are only 4.3% French-speakers in Ontario and most of them are bilingual anyway.  Those who are willing to help us fund a public education flyer in the Ottawa area, we’re looking for $10.00 from 100 people to distribute 5000 flyers.

For those who have not seen this video, another creation of Keith B., here it is again. If you want to view the other excellent videos put together by Keith, here is the link to them

President (CLF)


PEI is the next target for the French activists - if you have any contacts in PEI & they are not aware of the pending action to include them in the widening French control of Eastern Canada, send this to them.  In December of last year, the FLSA was passed in PEI - the first step towards Frenchification of any province.  In Ontario, this legislation was passed in 1986 under very questionable conditions.  Since then the French lobby groups have increased the power of the French-speakers by leaps & bounds.

The item below just shows you how fast the French activists can work - they are encouraging French-speakers to expand French language services in the Healthcare field.  The same thing will happen in PEI as has already happened in NB - bilingual services will slowly but surely become unilingual French services, only available to the French-speakers.  This has been happening in Ontario for the longest time - French-Only clinics operate without any complaints from anybody!!! 


The RSFÎPÉ Hello Health (translated page) launches campaign! in order to increase access to health services in French in PEI Prince Edward Island

WELLINGTON (PEI) - The May 2, 2014 - In order to increase access to health services in French in PEI Prince Edward Island, PEI Health Network in French. PEI (RSFÎPÉ) launched a campaign encouraging stakeholders who are able to provide health services in French to include in its repertoire. Stakeholders who register will receive a free directory sweater with "Bonjour!"Aiming to promote active offer to customers. Bilingual speakers can register the directory on the Web site RSFÎPÉ / directory. The Francophone community is, by doing so, invited to consult this directory, which already includes more than 100 entries, about the services available and know what region they are. RSFÎPÉ The recently signed a partnership agreement with three professional orders health in order to help the francophone population of Prince Edward Island Prince Edward find caregivers Francophone health can meet its needs. By signing these agreements, these orders demonstrate their commitment to providing quality health care to Islanders in French. It is also through these agreements that each professional order undertakes to communicate with its members to learn about their ability to provide services in French and encourage them to enroll in the directory. The RSFÎPÉ considering signing agreements with other colleges in the coming months. If you know people who speak French and who work in the field of health, we invite you to spread the word and encourage them to register directory. For more details on how to register or how to view the directory, please contact Patricia Richard at 902-854-7444


A Carl Ross video rant.


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