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Thursday, May 15,  2014

RN Cameron On Warpath

Cornwallite Continues Push For Language Fairness - Cornwall Daily

EOHU Refuses to Comment on Forced Bilingual Protester - Cornwall Free News

Bravo, Chris!!!  Your lonely vigil for the right of English-speakers in an English-majority province to work in the language of the majority shows your belief in what you're standing for.  The French-speaking minority should be ashamed that they don't have a sense of fair-play (I understand that this is not an inherent trait with them) and that they don't know when to stop.  Pierre E. Trudeau pulled the wool over our eyes when he wrote into the language legislation that it will only apply "where numbers warrant"? Who can quarrel with that?  By deliberately NOT defining what that phrase meant, he was able to force through a legislation that was open-ended and could be interpreted anyway the governing body wished.  The French-dominated Liberal Party that was in power for most of the ensuing period after that legislation was entrenched in the 1982 Constitution made sure that "where numbers warrant" had NO meaning at all. It could be ignored at will and having no sense of fair-play the French just pushed it to the limit.  Now most of our top level civil servants are French and as blood is thicker than water, they made sure that any chance they had to put a French-speaker in place, they did just that.

Keep on fighting, Chris!!!  We have only ourselves to depend upon and the truth will set us free!!!

President (CLF)


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