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November 22, 2014

Quebec & Attracting Attention

Quebec has a special talent for attracting attention - usually the wrong kind!!!  It is already the least successful province when it comes to its economic health but that hasn’t stopped it from going to ridiculous extremes in its futile attempt to preserve, promote and protect the “fragile” French language & culture.  The French language & culture are literally dying on the world stage and here we are in Canada throwing billions to try & save it - why?  A language which is protected by force of law will NOT survive - no matter how much money we throw at it.  All it ends up doing is making Quebec a laughing stock and the focus of resentment and contempt from the rest of Canada.  Believe me when I say that French Quebecers are among the most unpopular groups in Canada

President (CLF)

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From Kilroy - Ottawa

This clearly demonstrates how "Trudeau's plan" worked and is working so well.

Allowing the "province" of Quebec to have such draconian anti-English laws while forcing bilingualism on all the rest of Canada means that the rest of Canada ends up having to comply.

Whenever other smaller, more English parts of Canada came up against this kind of "situation" they simply hire a few French (ahem, I mean “bilingual”) folks to work on a French web page (something the Americans rightfully couldn't be bothered with) which brings a new injection of French to whatever area in which they set up shop, which in turn, along with the OLA rules allow the French to then begin demanding government, postal (and other) services in that small area (Cornwall and Rockland come to mind).  This in turn forces more French services (oops, I mean “bilingual services”) to be needed which means the local hospital decides to get a huge influx of new cash from the federal government by declaring itself bilingual which means more jobs for the French (oopps, I mean “bilingual”) folks and fewer and fewer jobs for the unilingual English living there which means many decide to move instead of fighting back which in turn opens up more space for more French and since there are now more services and more vacant places to stay and more job opportunities in this small area, it then means more and more French move in and voila, the "intended cycle" of "Frenchification which was manufactured by Trudeau’s plan can play itself out yet again, just as it has -- and is -- playing itself out in many small areas around Canada RIGHT NOW.  Not to mention the same kind of  "dance" that is, right before our very eyes, playing itself out in our Canadian military and all levels of government right now also.


PS: I believe all large businesses should shut their doors (both internet doors and physical doors in that province) to show opposition to these obviously bigoted French laws that go against the English language and English Canadians in their own country.

It's one thing to want to "protect your language and culture" but it's quite another to use BAD and UNFAIR LAWS to "stomp out" the other official language in any province within Canada and subjugate the Canadian citizens that live there in order to do it.

Oh and, if this crap doesn't dampen your cornflakes enough.  Can you believe this? I guess it wasn't enough that the video taken that day INSIDE the halls of parliament had practically all security staff yelling things to each other IN FRENCH ONLY as they ran through the halls of government.

Oh no !!! NOT ENOUGH for them!!  Had to freakin tweet in French also.  Seriously, am I the only one that smells a HUGE PUSH for -- what "they" call -- bilingualism but what has formally and unceremoniously become more aptly known as -- "French "dominance -- of the -- pardon the HUGE intended pun "Canadian halls of power"  in all of this?

Just askin...

Oh and, PS: the name "the Office québécois de la langue française" in the English press ( taken from this story ---

and other English press stories  ---

SHOULD BE written IN THE ENGLISH PRESS as "the office of the French language"

I am not quite sure what to make of why the English press shows such respect and courtesy to those who blatantly oppress and repress their language!!!!  Perhaps the English press is under some spell or form of warped "Stockholm syndrome" effect when it comes to how to deal with those who force themselves to be above everyone else.

After all, showing such high respect under such conditions seems a tad bit beyond polite and gracious.

I, for one, believe the English press should no longer be using the terms IN FRENCH within the English press.

This would be a good place to start the small incremental steps within the process of showing pride IN OUR LANGUAGE AND CULTURE while pushing back.

Keith B.


From Sharon - Calgary

I agree: This would be a good place to start the small incremental steps within the process of showing pride IN OUR LANGUAGE AND CULTURE while pushing back.

Every time you see the French name of an organization in print in the English Press or hear it on an English TV or radio station a simple form letter should be sent out giving the same simple message:  Yours is an English medium. Why do you use the French version of a company instead of translating it into English?  The French media does not show the same respect to English organizations.  In fact, the province of Quebec prevents them from using their English name or title under threat of prosecution.  I, as an English-Canadian, am offended by this.  Or something similar.

The simple act of dozens, hundreds of people sending off the very same words and language would eventually penetrate and someone at some point would make a public note of this sort of “boycott”.  But the rest of us have to depend upon others, YOU, to take the lead, do the research, take the initiative, start the ball rolling.  The rest of us can help by asking others to join your initiatives.  But, please - act as leaders.  This hit and miss method that only those of us who agree with one another see is not going to get us anywhere.

Efforts to effect a change in the bullying tactics of the French language police requires a concerted and coordinated effort.  Everyone who is angry about the demands and double standards of these bullies must do his part.  Because people unhappy about this cannot/will not march in the streets to demand their right to use the language of their choice in the workplace and in their businesses - after all, how could they, as they live and work from coast to coast so getting them to gather in one spot is an almost impossible challenge, so we need to coordinate on social and traditional media.

So far, you guys at CLF seem to be the only ones who have taken a leadership role on this issue.  I have waited to see you lead - organize actions and activities that like-minded others can pick up, run with, too, to help spread the message. Try to get other advocacy sites to advertise your site.  Bring people to what you are doing on a more national scale.  I can help out here.  But everyone working at odds, different directions or on singular and isolated initiatives will only continue to give the impression that there are very few people interested in this issue.  That is simply not true - but someone has to gather these people under one banner.  I have told you guys, whoever your Board or Executive is, that I would give you some cash to jump-start a coordinated, national initiative but I do not see that happening.  Please start to think “globally” instead of in this “preaching to the choir” method we see now.  You, Keith, have some good stuff you do but you need to “take it on the road”, so to speak.



In defense of Canadians for Language Fairness, I would like to say this:

Most Canadians who were initially concerned about the Official Languages Act  (OLA) and its disastrous effect on them, are getting old.  When this battle for the English language was started (by APEC - Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada in 1977* - see below for short history), there were lots of public servants who were directly affected.  It wasn’t too difficult for APEC to get the attention and support of English-speaking public servants and get them to write letters and organize protests.  Remember that, since the passage of the Official Languages Act (1969), Canada was under the control of the Liberal government (except for the short stint under Mulroney) and it wasn’t until 2006 that Stephen Harper’s government took over.  Over the years between 1969 - 2006, the Liberals, led mostly by Quebec leaders, made huge strides in strengthening the position of the French-speakers in QC, NB and ON.  The OLA with the Charter were entrenched in our Constitution (along with other disastrous policies like the Equalization Payments & Multiculturalism) - and the French were given massive amounts of money to set up thousands of very well-organized French groups all across Canada.  It is very easy to attract prominent leaders to lead your cause when they get money so easily.

English-speaking politicians are frightened off by the number of legal challenges mounted by the well-funded French groups and NONE of them dare to speak up, knowing that the courts & judges are governed by the Constitution which is mandated to protect, preserve & promote the French language.  In 2012, when Galganov & Brisson challenged the Russell Township sign by-law (where business signs have to be in English and French ONLY), the judges admitted in court that the bylaw DID infringe Section 2b of the Charter (Freedom of Expression) but they used their version of the Notwithstanding clause (clause 1) to over-ride that infringement.

So having no recourse to the courts, we are left with the mandate only to educate Canadians to the tragedy of Official Bilingualism in Canada.  Our only hope is that as more Canadians understand why we are fighting so hard against the Frenchification of Canada, they will be able to put pressure on the Conservative government (if they survive in the next election) to slowly erode the unwarranted power of the French to take control of the country.  The CPC is already doing it in small steps (like cutting off the $800 annual bilingual bonus to people who got their jobs because they were bilingual).  This was initiated in the CRA but I’m not sure if it has been extended to other departments.  The unions (controlled & run mainly by the French-speaking public servants) are a powerful group (weren’t they largely responsible for the recent Wynne government’s majority victory in Ontario?) so the Conservative government has to tread carefully.  They are hoping that tax cuts resulting from cut-backs in the public service might persuade Canadians that money in their pockets is better than money sent to the government in the form of taxes.  We have about 30 - 40% of Canadians who perpetually live off the government so it is up to the rest of us to make sure that the socialist parties like the Liberals & the NDP don’t get in next year!!!

Kilroy has done some really good work in reaching more people with his very effective videos and I’ll attach some to this message.  We need more young people to help us fight because it is really their future at stake.  If anyone has ideas that we haven’t tried, please feel free to forward them.  In the meantime, do what Sharon has suggested - keep a short message that you can send to any company that gives prominence to the French language as opposed to the English language, and ask them why.  A threat to boycott their product will also help - several people have sent me examples of their own efforts to do this and these efforts have brought results.

As I say, this is not just a battle for CLF - it is a battle that all Canadians who read our messages must take on as their own battle.

Here are two links to some very effective video messages that Kilroy has created. Complete video on Quebec & how the French are using the OLA to retake Canada from the English victory on the Plains of Abraham & The boiling frog syndrome.

Video 1

Video 2

Alliance for the Preservation of English in Canada


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