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November 10, 2014

Manitoba Is Next

Now that Quebec and New Brunswick are firmly under the control of the French activists and Ontario is well on its way, Manitoba is next!!!

The tactics being used:

  • Changing the definition of “Francophone”.  “This definition is based on three variables: mother tongue(s), knowledge of official languages, and language(s) spoken at home……..not only people whose mother tongue is French but will include individuals whose mother tongue is neither English nor French (allophones) but who have particular knowledge of French as an official language and use it at home.”
  • Demanding to control immigration so that they can bring in more Francophones from ex-French colonies.  In N.B. the French Language Commissioner said that they must be allowed to bring in a percentage of French-speaking immigrants equal to the proportion of French-speakers in the province.  Apparently the proportion of French-speakers in not growing fast enough so they must bring in MORE French-speakers.

Situation In Ontario

The Ontario French language services commissioner is proudly distributing this info-graphic of francophone statistics.

Accordingly, in Ontario:   

The Federal government uses these variables:  Mother Tongue, Language spoken at home, Most often, On a regular basis, 1st Official Language spoken, Ability to conduct a conversation.

By using their new definition of “Francophones”, they managed to add 50,000 (an additional 10%) and are now claiming 611, 500 Francophones in Ontario.

President (CLF)


A Useful Suggestion From A Reader

The fact the definition of francophone is now changed to mean "anyone who speaks French" should be in a spot on the website home page with a flashing or something like that to ensure it gets attention.  A Utube file would also be good.  Imagine if Mr. and Mrs. Anglo knew their offspring were being recorded as a “Francophone” only because they can speak French a bit but not enough to get a bilingual position?  The message needs to get out about how they are trying to embellish their numbers.  Can you imagine Daddy fighting the glass ceiling and having his three children whom he put into French Immersion being counted as a “Francophone” hence, basically being used against him and making the situation worse?!!  "Are your children working against you?" People tend to say they have two languages when no one is really going to take them to task to prove it.  It is the fashion now to self assess that way.  By doing so they unwittingly help the other side and make their opportunity for gainful employment even worse.


In Manitoba

The province of Manitoba is being warned, Franco-Manitoba Corporation is asking the Premier for a new definition of Francophone, and he has already bought in. They will be holding small meetings pursuing this goal, like Ontario and New Brunswick, of changing the definition to include more

The general meeting of the Franco-Manitoban Corporation (MFC), which was held on Thursday, helped define the contours of future general statements of the organization.

MFC will build a model already used in Ottawa. Its general assembly will be held in the form of coffee-meeting to be held across the province. These meetings will take place from December to June

According to Louis Tetrault, Chair of the Steering Committee for the States-General, this concept allows to reach a greater number of francophones in the province. "It's not a great rally for St. Boniface will meet this need. We found a model that will allow small entities who want to meet for an evening do. It'll be flexible, "he says. Most important, he explains, is that the issues are the same and the conduct of meetings.

Broaden the definition of Francophone

Visiting the annual general meeting of MFC, Premier of Manitoba, Greg Selinger, has appealed to the Franco-Manitoban community. He asked to review the definition of French in the province.Greg Selinger said it is time to change the perception of Manitoba's Francophone community, "because the community is changing."

For the Prime Minister, there are many members of the Franco-Manitoban community who speak French at home and at work, but without this being their first language. "We can have a discussion with MFC on a definition that is more inclusive," said he said.

Similar work was done in Ontario there are five years and resulted in an inclusive definition of francophones in New Brunswick.

Further protect the French

Greg Selinger has also committed to introduce a bill this spring to defend the French. "The goal is to better protect the community anywhere in the province, but especially in municipalities where there is an order for services in French," said Selinger.

Commitment glad Louis Tétrault, in his capacity as CEO of the Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities. "Because we know that in a situation where there is a francophone elected and six English, it is not obvious to demand services in French," he recalls.

The annual general meeting of the Franco-Manitoban Society was held in the Martial Caron Hall, University of Saint-Boniface.

Looks like this CCFM group is a Manitoba crown corporation with just over a million a year from grants and user fees. $404,000 goes to salaries.  Don't blow a gasket where it says FOR ALL Manitobans, we know who it is for.


The corporation's mandate is to:

  • present, promote, foster and sponsor cultural and artistic activities in the French language for all Manitobans; and
  • manage and develop for the purposes set out in clause (a), the buildings and property within the area where the corporation has jurisdiction under section 19.

Centre culturel franco-manitobain Act

Centre culturel franco-manitobain (CCFM)


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