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November 18, 2014

Fire Chief Must Be Bilingual

Here we go again - must the Fire Chief be bilingual?  Every time there is a poll following any article on the need for our top public servant to be bilingual, the Sun readers ALWAYS come up with the correct answer - NO!!!  The language question that gives the very tiny French-only population (which is really only the very young and the very old) the priority of consideration should not be used as the criteria for selecting our leaders - it should be QUALIFICATION, COMPETENCE, EXPERIENCE and all the considerations that make for a good leader, NOT a minority language!!!  The Fire Chief does not need to communicate with everyone affected by a fire - it is NOT necessary for the Fire Chief to lead every person out of a critical rescue situation!!!  His should be the intelligence required to manage a department and make the best solution for the majority of the citizenry - not some incompetent person who speaks a minority language fluently but knows very little about managing his office and his staff!!!

Please read the article and vote for or against this question - do not be so frustrated that you throw up your hands and accept the situation silently!!!

I would like to commend Bay Councillor, Mark Taylor, for speaking up in favour of competence & qualification.

President (CLF)


Ability, not language, most important in fire chief search


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