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October 3, 2014

Our Mission

The mission of Canadians for Language Fairness is to educate Canadians to the tragedy of Official Bilingualism.  The best way to do this to tell you what’s happening in parts of the country that have adopted Official Bilingualism.  New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province and as such, really demonstrates what is happening when this policy is not administered fairly.  The story below can be repeated in Ontario too as the French activists work over-time to make Ontario officially bilingual and with a Liberal government that is pro-French, this can happen sooner than most Ontarians think.  The weapon used by the French is that they are being assimilated into the English-speaking majority and it is true - the number of Francophones speaking French at home is diminishing and their piteous cries of “we are being assimilated” is being used to bash us over the head at every turn.  They want more money to help prevent assimilation, they want the whole of the Canadian society to help keep them alive and vibrant and they have been given the power to do this because of Trudeau’s 1982 Constitution which says that we must protect them.  Our courts are also mandated to protect them and several cases have proven that the justice system is more than willing to over-ride even Charter rights to favour the French (re:  Russell Township sign by-law).

In the meantime, the French are busy importing as many French-speakers as they can.  Quebec has complete control over its immigrants and they import mostly from past-French colonies; New Brunswick is doing exactly the same.  Now Ontario’s Liberal government is working to pass Bill 161 and the French have asked for 4% to be French speakers.  We promise these French immigrants jobs and services in French while our own English-speaking citizens have to leave to get jobs in other parts of Canada not yet under the same threat.

THIS IS WRONG!!!  No country can spend itself into bankruptcy looking after minorities at the expense of the majority - it may be a policy favoured by the socialists (the Liberals and the NDP) but it is not a good policy for the country.  Quebec is near bankruptcy; so is Ontario and New Brunswick (all provinces that have elected liberal governments that depend heavily on transfer & other equalization policies.)  If you are not aware, Alberta & Saskatchewan are the only “have” provinces supplying most of the revenue to keep the “have-not” provinces in the style to which they have become accustomed.  They have decided to exploit their natural resources to supply that revenue while provinces like Quebec & New Brunswick (sitting on vast reserves of natural resources) refuse to exploit them.  The Equalization Payments policy was renewed this year (when Redford was still Alberta’s premier) and will remain in effect till 2019.

We can continue this disastrous policy till the whole country is broke or we can start making more Canadians aware of what’s in store for them and help us fight back!!!

President (CLF)


Bilingualism is sometimes an artificial requirement hurting NB’s economy, writes NB Daily Star reader


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