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October 8, 2014

French & Education

A few weeks ago (Sept/17th), I circulated a message about French taking a greater prominence in the education of various parts of Canada (MB, ON, BC & NB) with the most drastic results showing up in N.B.   If you want to refresh your memory as to the content of that message, please contact me.

Surprise, surprise, David Reevely writes in the Ottawa Citizen that Ontario’s grade 8 pupils are doing quite well!!  I thought that with the strong French push for more children to be put into French Immersion, this would siphon off the brighter kids from the English-language system and we would end up with pathetically low scores.  Apparently, the F.I. classes are still considered part of the English-language system so we are spared from losing all our bright kids to the French system.  Of course this still leaves us with the English-only system having to deal with a larger proportion of children that are considered “problems” and who are NOT accepted in the F.I. classes.  This continues to be a problem as we are creating an elitist stream that can handle two languages (some of these children are having to handle a 3rd language - especially the Chinese kids whose parents understand that with China becoming an economic world power, they cannot afford to ignore that language).

Kim McConnell

Graham Fraser is still pushing for more French-language rights and still encouraging perfectly bilingual French speakers to complain about the lack of services in French, the lack of “quality” French in government departments that have accepted bilingualism and have a higher-than-warranted proportion of people who have been designated bilingual.  His complaint this time is that budget cuts have been harmful to the bilingualism program.

In other words, please don’t slaughter the “sacred cow” of Official Bilingualism!!!  Cut all the social services that serve ALL Canadians but don’t touch the amount of money to force bilingualism in Canada!!!

Anthony Furey of the Toronto Sun has commented on the latest report from the OCOL which is full of complaints.  The way that office operates is totally based on complaints which they encourage French speakers to file continuously about every imaginable slight they can conceive about the “lack of respect” for the French language.  When you have to force “respect” or legislate “respect”, then you know that this is something that is totally artificial and unwarranted!!!

I’m sure that our Francophile Fraser would be very happy if we spent half our country’s resources on the attempt to turn Canada into a totally French-speaking country!!!  It’s not going to happen, Mr. Fraser, mainly because French is losing on the world stage and the effort to preserve the French language & culture and to prevent assimilation  would bankrupt this country, just like is already happening in provinces which have come under the control of the French and their single-minded obsession!!

President (CLF)


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