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September 7, 2014

Graham Fraser On The Defensive

Rick Gibbon’s show on CFRA was focused on Graham Fraser’s article (reproduced below), defending the policy of Official Bilingualism against the criticism of Kelly Egan’s article (circulated on August 30, 2014).

To listen to Rick Gibbon’s show go to CFRA podcasts  and choose the show dated Sept/4/14.

Rick Gibbon is very politically correct when it comes to the OLA & like most media people don’t really see what the fuss is about.  Yes, yes, he acknowledges that this policy has caused a lot of grief in among the public servants (English-speaking ones obviously) who have lost the chance to work for their own government, regardless of other professional qualifications or advance in the public service.  He listened politely to all the ones who called in to complain about how they were affected by this social engineering policy.  But you can hear from the way he replies to the callers that he really doesn’t know how much harm this policy has caused to the relationship between the two language groups.  He even takes, unquestioningly what Graham Fraser said: “Nationally, francophones and anglophones occupy positions in a proportion that roughly mirrors their demographic weight, including at the executive levels.”  Gibbons does not think that it is his duty as a media person to check on what he reads.

Link to this report from the Federal government: from the appendixes, table 27 (Statistical activities by type & First Official Language), you’ll see that French speakers represent 32.3% of the total public service (Federal level).

Now go to the Federal Census (2011) and go to page 13: you’ll see that in 2011, the number of French speakers in Canada is:  7,172,560 and this is 21.7% of the total population

So the Francophones do NOT mirror their demographic weight and the over-representation is especially egregious at the executive level!!!

So either Graham Fraser has NO access to our country’s statistics or he’s deliberately misleading the public.  The Canadian public must NOT allow itself to be as ignorant as some members of our media.  It is so important that you educate yourself so that we can refute such misleading information.  Write Rick Gibbon a note, directing him to where he can find the information and ask him to, not just think of himself and his elitist friends but think of the English-speaking majority who are NOT bilingual and does NOT think that we should have a policy that elevates the French-speaking minority to 1st class status and the English-speaking majority to 2nd class status (3rd class if you live in Quebec).

You can reach Rick Gibbon and Graham Fraser by email.


A special note to Kelly Egan:

Mr. Egan, please do not sound so apologetic about your article.  You do NOT have to say that you are not anti-French - just pointing out that this policy is not working well is not being anti-French.  It is having the courage to write about the elephant in the room and believe me the Official Languages Act and the way it has been allowed to run out of control is the elephant in the room.  No country should be run to give such undue advantage to a linguistic minority - no matter that they are a group fighting for their linguistic & cultural survival!!!  We don’t advocate mistreating them but we have to have balance in making sure that they don’t become the dominant power in the country or be able to force the country to treat them with undue reverence.

We advocate service in French WHERE NUMBERS WARRANT; priority in signage across the country cannot be FRENCH FIRST!!!

Visit our web site to see examples of where signs posted in Ontario are increasingly being made French First!!! - home page - top left drop-down button will show you all the examples that have been sent in by our readers.  Readers in N.B. can send in some of their French-first or French-only signs too.

Do what the French do - complain every time you see French first signs!!!  Don’t take this lying down - if you make yourselves rugs, you get walked on!!!


Congratulations to Anne & Keith Bell for yesterday’s very successful rally in support of the Iraqi Christians and other minorities who are being persecuted by the barbaric ISIS (a horrible group of Islamic extremists) who are using extremely barbaric methods to force the conversion of minority religions supporters to Islam.  It was comforting to know that not all Muslims support that kind of barbarism as we heard speakers from Imams as well as leaders of the Christian & Jewish faith.

For a full report of the rally, please contact Anne & Keith Bell who were the organizers of this very successful rally.  Videos taken of the rally will be on FaceBook so please contact Beth Trudeau if you want to see them.

This is also a reminder that Beth Trudeau will be on Nick Vandergragt’s show tonight between 8:00 - 9:00 pm.  The number to call:  613-591-8255.  The show will not only be on the language issue as Beth is a very busy person who is also very active in the Landowners’ movement & the hydro issue in Ontario.  Nick is very supportive on the language issue but the show can only give voice to our issue if people are willing to call in.

We’ve been made very aware of the French groups mobilizing to support municipal candidates right across Ontario who will support their French agenda.  They are targeting candidates who will give them support to make Ottawa officially bilingual & also to give a boost to immigrants coming to Ontario who are French.  We know already how supportive the Liberal government is on French issues & we have NO doubt that they will concede to the request to give the French every opportunity to increase their numbers and influence.  To this end, we have circulated a questionnaire to attempt to get the candidates not to forget that English-speakers will be voting in the October 27th election.  The questions and responses from the candidates will be posted on our web site:

President (CLF)


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