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September 29, 2014

Upcoming Municipal Election

As members of the English-speaking majority, it is incumbent upon us to take an interest in the upcoming municipal election (October 27th).  In the recent provincial election in N.B., the only politician who would have fought for the English-speaking citizens of his riding lost by 27 votes!!!  Can you imagine - the people were so UNINTERESTED in the one person who could have made a difference!!!  Don’t make that mistake in this election!!!

Please don’t ignore the municipal election in Ottawa because it can make a difference to our future.   We have received a few more responses to our questionnaire sent to ALL candidates.  See attached.

Most of the French-speaking candidates are in support of making Ottawa officially bilingual (one exception was Mark Vinette who does not - please read his response).  Darren Wood (unilingual English-speaker) says that he supports an officially bilingual Ottawa and is willing to tell us why when he comes to our next meeting at the Ron Kolbus Community Centre on October 8th.

For a list of the candidates and the ridings that they are running in, please use this link.

Please let the candidate running in your riding know that, as members of the majority, you should not be ignored.  Only YOU can make that decision!!  You can rest assured that most French-speaking voters will be voting in their own interest!!!

President (CLF)


Here is one Ottawa citizen who takes her duty seriously!!!  She has written a hard-hitting letter to the City of Ottawa.

Subject: Lack Of City Support For Its Tax Base.

Please see the chart below which is sourced in the Canadian Census 2001. Now these stats also include the federal government.  (According to the City, only 911 Quebecers work for the city).

Council is concerned about social housing but many people would not require this support if the jobs remained in the City.  One only needs to look at the Champlain Bridge to see that Quebec residents are given two lanes in the morning to get to work & then two lanes at the end of the day to go back home to Quebec.

If the city wishes to determine the services requested by Anglophones and Francophone it needs only to look at the telephone database.  When one dials 311 one is then given a choice of the language they wish.  1 for English and 2 for French. Compare the number of Anglophone requests to the Francophone requests. This simple tool is survey enough to guide you in any expenditures like community centres for the groups involved.

Yesterday Alex Cullen on the campaign trail told me that there were 40,000 French speakers in the west end. (He corrected this to 20,000 in an email after the debate)  This response was to the question of why a centre for French speakers was to be established at Richmond Road and Carling at the old Grant School site. A lot of City of Ottawa money has gone into this site but we see No progress.

Like one of the clinics in Orleans they will segregate it to serve French only while still being able to access the other city centres which operate bilingually. A perfect example of having your cake and eating it too.

Even our school buses cannot serve both language groups together because Francophones do not want their children exposed to English. This information was garnered from a newspaper article.

Anglophone families are being split up because their children have to relocate to an area where they can work yet we give all the jobs below to people in Quebec.  These people get paid by Ontario and the City of Ottawa but then likely spend their pay cheques in their own province.

Please check the contracts the city has that are given to Quebec rather than citizens of its own city.  My question is:  "When is city council going to stick up for its citizens?"

My daughter was the candidate of choice for a position in Campbells Bay, Quebec, and offered a contract.  We celebrated that our family was not going to be split up but  it was rescinded the next day because her CV indicated she lived in Nepean.  She was told that if she had a Quebec address she would have been a shoo-in but because she did not, the position had to go to candidate #2 who was a citizen of Quebec.

This despite the fact that most of her relatives still live in Quebec and her parents were born, educated and married in Quebec.

Yesterday Alex told me that she should have sued.  Now where on earth would a person who just graduated with a masters degree find the money to do this?  Even if she had done that and won, how pleasant do you think the work environment would have been?

I have before me a copy of an email from Marianne Phillips which indicates that the city does NOT track the number of employees who speak English and French.  Why not have this vital information? We all know that the likelihood is that those bilingual people are most apt to be French first.

My daughter does speak French & did a year of volunteer work at the General Hospital.  When a position became available she asked the CEO who was Jacques Labelle if he would support her for the position.  The response was that she was not bilingual so she insisted on being tested and she got the top grade on the testing.  The response??" You would be more of a fit if you went to Toronto."  So she did and we lost her to Toronto - why?

Due to cancer I have been a frequent visitor of the General Hospital only to discover that all announcements are in French first.  Is this a level playing field?

Furthermore if you phone Revenue Canada the response is in French first.  Any extension you dial is the same.  There is a Federal Identity Act that states the first language should be the language of the majority.

I wait in anticipation for your responses.

Stats from Canadian Census 2001 - these stats also include the federal government.


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