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Thursday April 30, 2015

Stephane Dion's Carriage by Air Act

On October 29th, 2014, I circulated a message saying that I was very relieved that the SCC had denied the Thibodeau financial compensation for having been served Sprite instead of the requested 7UP.  You can request me to resend that message if you wish.

The appeal from the judgment of the Federal Court of Appeal, Number A-358-11, 2012 FCA 246, dated September 25, 2012, heard on March 26, 2014 is dismissed without costs. Abella and Wagner JJ. are dissenting.

The judgement was not totally onside as they still say that the Thibodeau’s language rights were violated but compensation is refused, “citing an international air travel treaty called the Montreal Convention, which was passed into law with the Carriage by Air Act.  That act only allows passengers on international flights to sue airlines for damages for death, bodily injury and some baggage claim issues. The convention does not allow passengers to sue for domestic language law violations”.  To read the various articles on this judgement, please contact me

The Supreme Court of Canada had denied financial compensation to an Ottawa couple who sued Air Canada when, among other things, they could not order a 7Up in French.

Though the top court ruled by a five-to-two margin Tuesday that the airline violated Michel and Lynda Thibodeau’s French-language rights, it found they did not qualify for monetary damages.


Having been given a loop-hole big enough to drive a truck through, MP Stephane Dion has come up with an Act that will enforce bilingual service.

Dion Tables Bilingual Rights Bill On International Flights


French politicians like Stephane Dion are only interested in looking after the interests of their tribe - they have no other function.  They don’t spend any of their energy on any attempts to improve the economy of their province or work to change the dependent nature of Quebec or even to give Quebecers a better image of themselves as a proud people who are willing and able to survive as a people.  NO, all they want to focus on is how to use the power given to them by their godfather, Trudeau Sr., in the 1982 Constitution and the Charter to force the pathetic minority French language on the English-speaking majority.  So sad!!!

President (CLF)


Last week, a reader sent me this story which can only be construed as an illustration that French Canadians are desperate and are soliciting the help of the Ambassador from France in their bid to force Official Bilingualism on the City of Ottawa as the 1st step towards making the province of Ontario also officially bilingual like New Brunswick.

Diplomatica: French Ambassador Backs Move To Make Ottawa A Bilingual Capital


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