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Saturday April 11, 2015

Quebec Teaches Historical Revisionism & Racism

We’ve all known that Quebec schools teach historical revisionism - have you ever heard of the book called “Fleurdelise”?  This book was discovered by an English Quebecer when her son brought it home and she was flabbergasted that this illustrated book was allowed in the classroom.  The mother took pictures of the book and put the whole book into a jpg file.  If you want to see a copy of it, please contact me at

So when someone sent me this article by Dan Delmar, I wasn’t surprised

The teachers themselves probably agree with the blatantly racist content that they are disseminating.

The French extremists must be suffering from a serious case of paranoia when they blame the demise of their language (which in no way resembles the French spoken in France) on everybody.  It was so funny when I read a letter from Jean Marc Nadeau of N.B. who said that the French immigrants from France prefer English to the local Acadian version of French.  Ask for that letter - it is really hilarious!!!).  The English-speakers and now the immigrants are to blame!!!  Using children to further their "French good, English bad" agenda is despicable!!!

Many of our readers have encouraged us to promote Quebec Separatism as the level of frustration is growing. The French activists are getting stronger and spreading their divisive policy all across Canada.  Are we surprised that this is fueling Western Separatism?  Sharon has a story to tell which I will attach at the end of Dan's article.

English-speaking people in N.B. are struggling so hard to retain some common-sense interpretation of their Official Languages policy to stop the spread of Duality (more on that in a later message).  Ontario (especially Ottawa) with 4% French-speakers is under a lot of pressure from the French academic & business leaders to increase French services.  We are in the process of getting Ottawans to understand the difference between having a language policy (by-law 2001-170) that provides "practical bilingualism" and making the city "officially bilingual" which means that every document has to be translated into French on demand.  Anyone wanting a copy of our letter to their councillors on this, please contact me at  This letter will only be sent to those on my list for Ontarians.  The message you are receiving now goes across the country and if you're not in Ontario, you won't want to read the letter which is specifically for Ontarians.

President (CLF)


You can read more about how statistically the French language is not in danger in Quebec and how the courts have yet to come to a definitive conclusion on related issues in my latest piece for The National Post. Thanks to Twitter follower @VaggeliMTL for the tip.

There is a full statement sent to CJAD 800 by the Commission scolaire des Trois-Lacs:

Please link to Dan's article to get this statement that is in French only and then, if you want to know what it says, copy it to Google Translate and get the English translation.


I think we all should be able to agree that, to be fair to Alberta taxpayers, we should be tackling waste whenever and wherever we can.  This is the fair and equitable thing to do.  But that appears not to apply to some of the pigs on this Alberta Animal Farm.

The City of Camrose just 45 minutes out of Edmonton is now the location of a Francophone school, donated with my tax dollars by your government, just two years ago.  It serves 34 students in six grades, K to 5.  These 34 students are housed in their own stand alone rented building. The school is also billed for utilities and taxes as well as rent, as I understand it.  These 34 students are served by five paid staff - three teachers, a principal and a secretary, as well as contracted janitorial service.  And there would be bussing service available for kids coming from further than twenty minutes away but apparently no one wants to come.  I asked if they had a teacher’s aid and was told that no, they didn’t at this time, but have applied for one and have been told by the Minister that he plans to budget for one in the next fiscal year! No mention of fiscal restraints here, it appears.

I do not yet have the numbers on the cost of running this school as my phone friend who lobbied long and hard for this school did not know or was not telling me.  I will be filing a FOIP application to get them, and the same for other Francophone schools in Alberta.  But it doesn’t take much to realize that the per student cost to run this school would be astronomical compared to schools that have as many students in each class as this school has in the entire school.  And for what?  To appease a few people who are determined to satiate their demands that the public taxpayer pay for their desire to learn in French.  But here is the real kicker:  Camrose, a city of a mere 17,000 people (who knows how many school age children?) already has a French Immersion school! Not good enough, my friend told me: we are “rights holders” ( a term she repeated several times during our phone conversation) she said, and they do not want to hear English spoken in the hallways and the playground of the school their kids go to.  So, not only do these people want a school that is staffed by French people and attended by only French kids (anyone can go, she said, to which I laughed) but they DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ENGLISH SPOKEN anywhere in earshot!  This is pure self-soothing waste at our expense and your government is catering to it.  Does it matter that our province is deeply in debt and sinking faster, that citizens are being asked to sacrifice services while paying increased taxes, that thousands of jobs have been lost and more losses are on the horizon, that my twenty-something daughters and their friends have nowhere to turn but to see an endless future of paying for the “mistakes” (your Premier’s words) that have been made for 44 years of Tory’s running the show?  And now you have burdened them with another “mistake” ~ paying so that Francophones will not have to hear English spoken in their publicly-funded private school!  This is no less than shocking.

So, am I getting this right? You do the math, PC Party Alberta.  And then perhaps you may want to send this message around again to your supporters and explain how this calculates into your fiscal austerity program and how it has worked to share the budget burden.  It is quite simple.  When parents are asked to pay ever-increasing fees to their public schools to enroll them in sports and arts programs, when university students are told they need to pay higher tuition and carry even a bigger post-education debt while facing a diminishing jobs market, when city taxpayers are bearing ever greater burdens to offer programs to “at-risk” populations, the sky is the limit for 34 Francophone kids in Camrose, and who knows in how many other jurisdictions in Alberta? A school that is duplicating an already available service to a mere handful of kids is being told, don’t you worry, another paid staff member is on the way.  Talk about the Alberta Advantage in the Alberta Animal Farm where some are more equal than others.

Sharon Maclise


In my next message, I'll circulate the debate over French Immersion and why it is causing a lot of problems.

Stay tuned!!!!

President (CLF)


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