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Sunday April 19, 2015

Focus On The

Many of our readers have been very disappointed with the SunTV losing its licence but it is amazing how quickly they have found another way to express the right-wing point of view.  They appealed to SunTV fans who donated to support them in setting up this web site. I took a look and amazingly there are so many items (articles & videos) that were very interesting.  Here are the few I managed to read or view:

Justin Trudeau wants more of your money.

Why the CPC cannot afford to ignore Quebec.

Is our Justice System becoming too activist?  The Justice System alone decided to over-rule the Charter’s Freedom of Expression clause - Section 2b when the Russell sign by-law was challenged.  Who gave the Justice System such powers?  The 1982 Constitution did and if you don’t agree, reread John Robson’s essay.

Why We MUST Reopen the Constitution

In this link, the SCC decided to ignore the fact that our history & tradition (embodied in our Constitution - both the BNA version in 1867 & Trudeau’s constitution 1982) are based on Christianity, not secularism.

In this link the SCC decided that Parliament’s ruling about minimum punishment for a crime using guns can be over-ruled

Harper has outraged feminists like Margaret Atwood for not allowing a Muslim woman from taking the oath of citizenship with her niqab (full face covering) on.  Just read the totally facetious arguments these women are making (these represent out intellectual women?)

Not to be outdone by the feminists, Justin also got into the act by comparing what Harper did (insisting on open-faced declaration of the oath) to the sad days when Canada refused to give shelter to Jews and many of them died in concentration camps.

The last word to be given to Ezra Levant on a situation which is getting unbelievably incredible - the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal & its latest fiasco


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