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Saturday August 1, 2015

Putting Bilingualism Before Competency

National Post View

Justin Trudeau’s Call for Bilingual Judges Is Utterly Nuts

The show is rather difficult to watch from beginning to end because the download is slow and I don't have to patience to listen to Trudeau talk about how he would change the system of elections for Canada if the Liberal Party were to get into power.  Just for our issue to be discussed, you may have to wait for 4:44 mins while Justin rambles on about Canada's electorial system being a mess because of Harper.  Keith used his technical skills to capture just that portion that is of interest to us & added his own comments while doing so.

Continue right to the end where he added another video in which Justin tells the rest of Canada how Quebec owns Canada!!!  Bloody cheek!!

President (CLF)


Comment from Al S.:

Let's be really frank and call it what it is: French Civil Law is by all comparisons inferior to English Common Law as it assumes (much more than English Common Law) the outright legitimacy of a ruling aristocracy that should be allowed to call all the shots. And look where that was last seen... the 18th century French Revolution. And how did that work out? Even those countries that gained their independence from France following the colonial period are today poorer than those which were controlled by the English. Private property rights, human rights, freedom and democracy are all evident in greater abundance in English speaking countries than in French-speaking jurisdictions, including that most illustrious of all examples, the province of Quebec.  So go ahead!  Stack the Supreme Court with French judges. And watch prosperity dwindle and the poor suffer....



Kelly MacParland also wrote on this topic. 

If you have the time to read readers' comments after this National Post article, you'll find that most of the comments are against the idea of bilingualism in the Supreme Court of Canada.  Of course you're going to find the usual comment from the pro-bilingual group and here's a typical one about Switzerland having four official languages and they don't have a problem:

Comment from Gasaku

Speaking french at the federal level is a requirement, too bad if this one can't, I'm sure there are other bilingual and qualified judges out there, Switzerland has four official languages, they seem to manage.

Orlin O. wrote this reply which was totally appropriate - you can use his argument too:

Switzerland is small, and it is also surrounded by nations whose languages it embraces. It would make sense for the Swiss to speak those languages. Canada is bordered by only one country, the U.S.A. where English is the prime language. Outside of Joual French speaking Quebec there are no major French speaking enclaves in continental North America. No one is trying to destroy the culture and language of Quebec. However any attempt to force other Canadians to be fluent in French in order to advance in government and its institutions is ludicrous. What we really have is an attempt to promote French speaking Quebec hegemony in Canada. This is something that French Canadian politicians and their handlers have been trying to do for the last 250 years. It must not happen, or the vast majority of Canadians will be second class citizens in their own country.

We have already observed, that for an English speaker, knowing the French language is not necessarily enough to get a job or promotion in the civil service or any institution where French is mandatory. Many young people who graduated from French immersion schools can attest to that. It is strange that someone who is fluent enough in the French language to make it through a F.I. high school, can’t speak it well enough to have a job where knowledge of that language is a requirement. There is something wrong somewhere.

Kudos to Kelly M. for bringing this topic to the attention of Canadians - we don't need a fully-bilingual SCC - French is already over-represented with their representation.

The number of French speakers in government institutions should be based on geography and the percentage of speakers in the general population.  Official languages in most countries that have more than one, are not equal and neither should they be in Canada. The French speakers in Quebec certainly would agree as the English language has been virtually shut out of that province. To swallow Pierre Trudeau’s ideas on language for the rest of the country is ridiculous. Why should an English speaking Saskatchewan Farmer for instance have to struggle to understand some Francophone official in the department of agriculture if calling there? Why should a motorist in the western provinces have to try and decipher what an French RCMP officer is trying to get across?

You will find many of the RCMP commanders in the western provinces are French and have poor English language skills. English speakers with similar skill levels in French would never be promoted.

The French lost their right to rule anywhere in North America in 1763 it is that simple. Too bad that more Canadians can’t connect the dots.


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