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Wednesday December 22, 2015

Christmas Message

I received a Christmas card from Rona Ambrose - it was a nice card with a photo of her family and the words:

"Happy Holidays" on the left and "Joyeuses Fetes" on the right (giving English the priority position); inside the card, the words "On behalf of our Conservative Caucus" was in English on the right and the French version was on the left.

Priority was given to English on the outside of the card & French on the inside - an attempt to respect both languages. I did appreciate seeing English on the left as that is the position of priority, showing due respect to the English-speaking majority.

Then I received a card from the Conservative Party signed by Rona Ambrose, John Walsh & Irving R. Gerstein and wonder of wonders, the whole thing was in English!!! Can you believe that?

I'm a Conservative Party supporter but have been very discouraged by the party's inability to do anything about the growing French power in Canada. We've seen total French domination in Quebec & the increasing growth of French power in New Brunswick & Ontario. Is this what Pierre Trudeau meant when he inserted the Official Languages Act into the 1982 Constitution? Enforced by the courts, using the Charter of Rights & Freedoms as their guideline, Official Bilingualism is being corced by the Federal government, working with French forces in certain provinces, even though language is the absolute purview of the provinces. According to this link of an interview Pierre E. Trudeau gave to Jack Webster of BC.

P.E. Trudeau told Jack Webster that all he wanted was for the French to be able to communicate with the government in French, not for the whole country to have to function in French.

Of course, we know now that Pierre was not telling the truth. He was being dishonest because he knew that, once entrenched in the Constitution, without any real restriction as to how the legislation was to be interpreted, it would be pushed to the limit by the French extremists. We've seen that happening over the past 40+ years and not enough English-speaking Canadians understand what to do about it. They've seen the courts consistently rule in favour of the French who seem to have unlimited access to the tax-payers' pockets when it comes to protecting the French.

The country was ruled by Prime Ministers from Quebec (1968 to 2008) so they had plenty of time to increase French power by using Orders in Council and other legislative instruments that do not require debate in the House. These additional measures changed the whole structure of the country to favour Quebec and the French-speakers. Even the 9 years under Harper were not enough to turn the situation around, his hands being tied firmly behind his back by the Constitution and the entrenched French power.

Is it possible that the all-English letters were sent to supporters who have indicated that they want their correspondence in English? Maybe French-language supporters get their letters in French? I have no problem if this is what they're doing. If they're sending out correspondence according to the indicated language of preference and thereby stop duplicating everything in both languages, I have NO complaint and may even send them a donation to acknowledge that this unprecedented all-English card and letter are much appreaciated. For those of our readers who are still supporting the CPC, we could start a campaign saying that if they want our support - stop sending bilingual letters!!!!

President (CLF)


To wish all our readers a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year in 2016, I would like to add this uniquely Canadian version of a well-known Christmas carol


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