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Thursday February 12, 2015

Magna Carta

Dear readers, how many of you are aware that the Great Charter - the Magna Carta - celebrates its 800th birthday this year?  This document is the basis of our democracy and its importance has been reduced through neglect - much to our shame!!!  Our legacy of FREEDOM did not just appear by itself - it came about through evolution and the struggle of brave men who did not accept the tyranny of government easily.  It is a legacy that was inherited from Britain and has been honed to our revered principle that government must not be “top down” but must be from the “consent of the governed”.

Prof. John Robson & his wife, Brigitte Pellerin, have embarked on a project to celebrate the Magna Carta with a documentary that requires financial support.  Prof. John Robson has always been an admirer of this historic document and has remained consistent in the belief that this document was the basis of Western democracy and that we ignore it at our peril.

The project that they’ve started must receive support of pledges totalling $75,000 and CLF has pledged $500.00.  We’re hoping that our readers will send their support in the form of pledges - please click on this link to get the full story.

Magna Carta: Our Shared Legacy of Liberty

From the time Magna Carta was sealed in 1215, it has been the foundation of liberty, the touchstone of those who believe citizens control their government not the other way around.

Down through the centuries, its guarantees have been included in the laws and constitutional order of the English-speaking world. Defended when challenged, refined as needed, appealed to again and again, they have protected freedom for nearly a thousand years.

It’s a remarkable story, from its origins in the beleaguered Wessex of the Dark Ages through the rise of Parliament, the English and American revolutions, the granting of self-government to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and later India and the rest of the British Empire. These freedoms have been defended in Parliament, in war and in public debate. But we cannot take them for granted.

If we do not know the story, if we do not cherish these rights, understand them and defend them, if we do not make the story our own, Magna Carta could fade into the pages of history.

To learn more on the Magna Carta follow this link.

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