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Saturday February 7, 2015

Ottawa's Budget Not In French

As I’ve said before, the French activists are VERY persistent and will not quit till they force Official Bilingualism status on the City of Ottawa.  Mayor Watson has resisted so far but I’m not sure how long he can keep on resisting if the English speakers keep quiet and just allow the French activists to keep on pushing.

In her message below, Madame la Marquise is complaining that the total Ottawa draft budget is not in French - an exercise that will cost the City thousands more dollars as these translations are very expensive.  All she wants is to make Ottawans pay more when they are already being made to pay more with every service having an increase in price.

Very few Ottawans cannot read English - the very young and the very old and I’m sure they’re not interested in the details of the budget.

This is just the thin end of the wedge - the more you push, the wider the gap.  The French-speakers in Ontario (4%) are already given far more service in French than the 10% English-speakers get in Quebec.  If you were to calculate the amount spent on that 4% in ALL the services they get, you’ll find that more is spent per-capita on this small group than on the English-speaking majority.

If you are worried that the demands will keep growing UNLESS the citizens complain, please contact:

Tom Fedec: 613-580-2424, extension 21316 rr email

President (CLF)


"I do not think that official bilingualism is necessary. The practical bilingualism works very well for 10 years. "

This quote from Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, was published in our pages in March 2011, there was almost four years. And his speech has not changed since. If you speak again to him today of official bilingualism for the City of Ottawa, he will repeat exactly the same.In other words: "All is well, Madame la Marquise."

So if any "works very well," Watson, how is it that the draft budget 2015 the City of Ottawa was available in French only on request, so that it is available online in English and complete ? And in fact, it is impossible to obtain this document in full in French, even when it requested?

Here is what it says on the French website of the City of Ottawa under "Draft Budget 2015" (not "preliminary budget 2015"):

"This report is available in English only and could be translated (sic) in part or in whole on request. Requests for translation of the report must be submitted to (sic) Manager Financial Planning & Budget, Tom Fedec, 613-580-2424 21316 ".

I called it Mr. Fedec yesterday morning for a complete translation of the preliminary budget. The greeting he recorded in English only advised me that he was not available at the time of my call.So I left a message. More than two hours later, out of patience, I wrote my request by email (in English, to make sure he understands and, above all, it responds to me).

His reply (my translation): "Unfortunately, we do not translate complete the budget given that this is much too large."

I then asked if the budget as a whole is available in English on the City's website. And he said "yes, all these documents are available on our website."

Big deal ...

It broadcasts the whole English. But the spread of a French translation is out of the question because it would require too much time.

Someone said "two weights, two measures"?

And my question is this: if the preliminary budget is too large to be translated into French, why do we write on the website of the City of Ottawa that "this report (preliminary budget) is available in English only could be translated in part or IN FULL ON DEMAND "?

I made the request. And I was almost replied that I dream in color.

And height of insult, the same site of the City of Ottawa, we invite (French) Ottawa residents to move their views on this preliminary budget during the public consultations to be held from February 9 to 12 .

So if I understand correctly, we are invited into our language to go give our opinion on a document that does not put us in our language. Misery ...

How said Mayor Watson yet? Ah yes, it comes back to me: "I do not think that official bilingualism Ottawa necessary. The practical bilingualism works very well. "

"Yeah, right "...


And if we united the English-speaking friends in Ottawa, and that all required a copy of the preliminary budget full of our city in French?

It would not be complicated. You take a minute of your time today to call Tom Fedec to make requests. Wait a minute, that's all. This is after all what the City told us to do on his site, that is to say, to call Mr. Fedec to a full translation of the preliminary budget.

So do what the city tells us to do. Maybe she will change her mind and translate the entire document if it receives more requests for this purpose. Here is the issue of Tom Fedec: 613-580-2424, extension 21316. or by email 


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