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Sunday February 1, 2015

Sun News Network Shutting Down

It was with a heavy heart that I read this link which suggests that the SunTV may close down because the CRTC refused to allow this network to be given mandatory carriage.  We spend millions every year giving tax support to CBC that is nothing but a mouthpiece for the Socialists (both Liberal & NDP).  Someone said that a large proportion of Canadians support socialism because we have so many people who think that governments should be the pay-master for all their social needs - it also means that a large proportion of Canadians believe in “wealth-redistribution” i.e. those who make the money should share it with those who are nothing but “takers”.

Read this article and be prepared to have the only right-wing station closed down because CRTC is essentially a left-wing organization, started by the Liberals during their 40+ years of majority rule when they essentially made Canada into a welfare state.

We have created people who have discovered that having your hand out for money taken from other people who work hard to earn that money, is a moral thing to do

President (CLF)


If you are not one of these people and you want to let your MP or MPP know that you are NOT pleased with this, write to them.  Here is a good sample letter that you can use or better still, edit it to suit yourself:

From: Valerie C.

January 28, 2015 12:51 PM

Subject: Sun News Network

Dear MP Barlow,

I am one of your constituents in Macleod, Alberta.  I am extremely concerned that the TV news network, Sun News, still hasn’t been given mandatory carriage by the CRTC.

I lived my entire life being skeptical of all news sources until Sun News’ arrival.  Sun News Network is a vital source of news for those of us who refuse to watch CBC, Global and CTV because of their extreme left-leaning biases.  Sun News reporters back up their stories with research and factual data which makes their stories trustworthy.

I wrote to the CRTC asking that they give Sun News mandatory carriage.  Their response was a 2 page over-photocopied letter that was incomprehensible and unrelated to the issue.

Sun News is the only news source in Canada that supports the Conservative party and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Sun News has only 2 months left.  Can you please ask the Prime Minister to override the CRTC and give Sun News mandatory carriage?

Thank you for your time and attention.

Valerie C.



People are easily led and fooled Kim. Just look at all of the world’s megalomaniac leaders past and present and how they controlled masses of humanity. Propaganda was and is very important as a means of manipulation whether through spectacles, military conquests or lies via state controlled media. Hitler referred to the people of his nation as sheep and blockheads. No doubt other would-be leaders of the people think likewise. In Canada we have few leaders who act on their own. As a matter of fact rather than our leaders using the media to further their ends, the media uses them, or rather those shadowy figures who own the media. Who can say for sure what their ultimate aim is, but it is likely not in the best interests of most of us. 

Just take a look at who funds the MSM liberal/left media, Valerie. These entities also fund politicians and political parties big time in one way or another, and no doubt have a say as to what media a government might support financially.  You can bet if the CBC was anywhere to the right in its philosophies and news analysis they would have been toast long ago.



You are quite right, Orlin.  Last year when we heard that Pierre Peladeau was running for the Separatist Party of Quebec, I had the feeling that the Sun media was in trouble as he owns Quebecor.

President (CLF)


Item #2

Here’s another item of interest (maybe even funny one) - Quebec language zealots don’t want French language instruction to be expanded OUTSIDE Quebec.  They think that this demand for expansion of French outside Quebec might mean that they will have to back off their persistent persecution of the English-speakers in Quebec!!! Does this mean that we can just sit back and let these two groups fight it out?

President (CLF)


Remember!  The "magic formula" Quebec has discovered is gimme or else... or else we leave Confederation.  And here I thought the FLQ crisis of the late 1960's and early '70's were behind us!  Who says terrorism doesn't pay?  And here I thought we don't negotiate with terrorists!  But we do.  All the time. At the tune of appeasing them with more than $2 billion/year in French language services in addition to the more than $20/billion year in direct handouts to Quebec from Ottawa.   And we, all like sheep, have gone astray.  No leadership.  No guiding light.  No vision.  No core set of beliefs.  Just appeasement and appeasement and appeasement... Don't EVER think that Article 23 will slow down the zealots one iota!  Remember "where numbers warrant"?  That was just the thin wedge by which to pry open wide the door to the complete takeover of Canada.  Has anyone seen the latest attempts at bolstering French education in Ontario with those two cute boys playing chess and babbling in French? And what does this TV commercial falsely proclaim?  That a "quality education" is only possible in French!  Anyone want to approach Ontario Consumer Relations Ministry to lodge a complaint about advertising fraud - paid for with OUR tax dollars?



Here’s how to answer people who insist that Canada is a bilingual country by Keith B.


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