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Graham Fraser says - Bilingualism Nothing to Fear

As I was saying in my message on Randall Denley's article - now that more and more people are aware of the discrimination about the OB policy - we are getting more attention from the media. Here is Mark Bonokoski's article on the same topic.


Time for the truth: Liberal voters duped

By Mark Bonokoski, Postmedia Network

First posted: Saturday, December 12, 2015 07:14 PM EST | Updated: Sunday, December 13, 2015 09:32 AM EST

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answers a question during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, on Thursday, December 10, 2015.


Now that the House of Commons has tucked itself in for a long Christmas nap, Canadians still rejoicing the defeat of the Harper Conservatives had best not hang their stockings by the chimney with any pre-notional care, and expect them to be filled with electoral promises kept.

Sorry Virginia, but if you were old enough to vote for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, then you are old enough to know the truth. Youve been duped.

Yes, it is still early days, kiddo, but the new prime ministers gifts to Canadians was read out in the recent Speech from the Throne, and there wasnt much there.

Sorry if you felt left out. Get used to it.

Once upon a time, when I was around your age, Virginia, I voted for Justin Trudeaus dear old dad.

Just once. You live and you learn.

Back then, about the same time as I was setting out for college to study journalism, I was mesmerized like you by the star power emitted by this other Trudeau, a veritably unknown justice minister at the time, but rakish, and promising the world to my generation if we elected him prime minister.

So we did.

And then came forced official bilingualism which not only still costs us billions a year but has created an impenetrable federal public service, a richly-rewarded haven for those who speak French and often only marginal English, but not for the flip side of that linguistic coin.

Today, thanks also to Pierre Trudeau, we have devolved into pocketed multiculturalism rather than having evolved with a cultural mosaic more adept at accepting differences and blending the hues of our society.

We have hyphenated Canadians now, Virginia, not that you are old enough to know anything different.

And, oh yes, Pierre Trudeau also brought us a national debt so profound that, when I looked at the income taxes taken from my first paycheque to help pay for uncontrolled federal spending, I decided that conservative fiscal policies were the best way to secure a stable future for our country.

And so far I have not been wrong.

Whats troublesome too, Virginia, is that there was no detail in the throne speech on how we are going to deal with ISIS, especially now that Justin Trudeau has pulled our CF-18s out of the fight against jihadist terrorism.

You see, I have witnessed terrorism up close. I covered, among other things, the 2005 subway bombings in London, Eng., committed by homegrown suicide murderers, who killed 52 innocent commuters and injured 700 more, many of them your age.

I walked the body-littered fields of Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988 after Pan Am Flight 103, carrying 243 passengers and 16 crew home for Christmas, was blown out of the sky by a terrorist bomb linked to Libya.

But I will say this, Virginia. I suspect every victim in London, and every passenger on Pan Am Flight 103, thought something like that could never possibly happen to them, not in a million years.

Yet it did.

I also suspect that it wont be long before Canadians start wishing for the return of the Harper ways, particularly when it comes to our security here at home a comfort that will not be achieved by pretending ISIS will leave us alone as long as we not mention its name.

Remember, the Toronto 18 were real, with many of the plotters now in prison after authorities successfully thwarted a terrorist plan in 2006 to blow up the Toronto Stock Exchange and take as many lives as possible.

Real was the terrorist plot uncovered in 2013 to blow up a passenger train between Toronto and New York, with both accused now convicted and sentenced to life.

And real, too, was the cowardly killing with two shots in the back of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo as he stood ceremonial guard at the Tomb on the Unknown Soldier in October 2014 before his ISIS-inspired assailant stormed Parliament Hill.

Cirillo was young, too, Virginia.

He was only 24.

Below the article is a letter from a public servant which you might enjoy reading.


Kim McConnell

Tuesday March 1, 2016




Graham Fraser - Bilingualism Nothing to Fear - February 23, 2016


I don't know what planet Graham Fraser is living on, but this recent article suggests it is not earth. He obviously has been cooped up in his French Language police station with his army of language police too long, considering the absolute drivel he composes, the entire article emphasises he is only interested in Quebec and the French.


The Official Languages Act was enacted to ensure that Federal services would be available to the public in both official languages - where numbers warrant. Over the past 45 years this simple requirement has been hijacked and manipulated by French language zealots to favor the French to such an extent that no one other than original French speakers can qualify to be part of it. The result is that the PS has become a disfunctional haven for French entitlementists to do as little actual work as they can, to promote themselves, relatives, and friends to any position that becomes available, reclassifying them to bilingual essential where necessary to fit their selected candidates.


One of Canada's most valuable resources is a majority population of English speakers, well educated, resourceful and mobile. Is it any wonder why these unilingual English speakers shun the dead-end toxic atmosphere of the PS when they can move to California, or anywhere south of the border, where their resource is appreciated, rather than be forced to master French for no sane reason. There are at least a million Canadians living in California, using their English language, education and chosen expertise to thrive and earn good salaries and to generate wealth - for themselves, as well as for the USA - Canada's great loss. A good number of these English speakers are also bilingual.


Canada is not a bilingual country and never will be, it simply has two official languages, one of which has been on life support for the past 45 years, at enormous expense to the Federal Government, provincial and municipal governments, as well as industry, commerce and the general population. The 85% of Canadas population who are not of French extraction do not need this, do not want it, and certainly can't afford it. The percentage of bilingual citizens has not materially changed despite the hundreds of billions of dollars expended, and continues to be expended to this day.


These billions of dollars - entirely borrowed at debit to the National debt could have been utilized for essential and beneficial purposes - infrastructure renewal, proper military equipment, enhanced medical resources, proper educational funding, etc., rather than down the F-word money pit.


Ujjal Dosanjh's article of a number of weeks ago entitled "The silencing of the white men of the West" amply defines the problem that the English speaking majority population of Canada faces should they dare be critical of Canada's sacred cow - the F-word, for fear of the severe backlash that will be released by the French in Quebec and other pockets throughout our country.


Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper made some disappointing appointments to the Senate, however none of those can compare to the absolute disaster the appointment of Graham Fraser to be the Official Languages Commissioner has turned out to be.


Don F.



Hi Kim,

Bilingualism is still an important issue for me but unfortunately only one of the important issues that impact Canada. One of the reasons I left the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) was it became almost unbearable to watch a world-class research organization descend into mediocrity because of bilingualism and other affirmative action programs. When I join the GSC in 1976 as a young scientist, the organization was led by scientists who were highly regarded in Canada and around world for their achievements in science. Today, we are "led" by fluently bilingual bureaucrats, most of whom have achieved very little in the world of science and therefore have little stature in the world of science. To give you an example, our director was a francophone lady not even in the area of earth science who understood very little about the research undertaken in her division. I was commonly asked to attend meetings and provide advice because she did not understand what was going on with regard to science. Before I left the GSC, I was asked to attend a dinner with other senior scientists which was put on by the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Canada to discuss research policies and declining morale. Many there spoke out against bilingualism and affirmative action programs but we were told very clearly that nothing could be done because of the Official Languages Act. I made the point that excellence starts at the top and bilingualism is totally incompatible with the merit principle. You can have bilingualism or a world-class research organization...but you cannot have both, it is as simple as that.


However despite the importance of bilingualism, other issues are even more important that go to our survival as an economically successful and peaceful civilization. These include:


1. Our universal democracy which is a system of tyranny and theft by the majority (in fact a minority in many elections). Democracy has been described as two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch.


2. The growth of the destructive welfare state which is a product of universal democracy.


3. Mass immigration from the third-world most of which is incompatible with western civilization. Diversity and multiculturalism is a not an asset but a costly ($20+ billion net per year) liability.


4. Crackpot Keynesian economic theories that somehow we can print ourselves to prosperity through the creation of trillions of unearned and therefore immoral dollars (globally) out of thin air.


5. The role of sound money as the basis of a moral society. Fiat or paper currencies are immoral because they represent the insidious theft of savings/earnings through currency debasement. Central and fractional-reserve banking, which represents the core of Canada's monetary and financial system, is a system of  legalized plunder and theft of the honest earnings of Canadians.


6. Retrogressive evolution and the dumbing down of our populations through a perverse welfare system and immigration from parts of the world with average IQs as low as 68 (e.g. Somali), which is  more than two standard deviations below the ~100 for most European countries.


7. The poisoning of the food chain and water supply. It is no accident that there has been an explosion in rates of cancer over the past 50 years.


8. Climate change. This is an area where I have a fair amount of expertise having published research on the evolutiion of atmospheres and oceans through geologic time. Based on our current understanding of the processes involved, the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) theory is perhaps the greatest scientific fraud of the 20th century. The United Nations IPCC is also a fraud established to give AGW scientific validity which is just one more reason why Canada should withdraw from this corrupt organization.


9. Foreign policy. The War on Terror is actually a War OF Terror led by the US, Israel and NATO countries that include Canada. This has nothing to do with 9/11 or Russian aggression or weapons of mass destruction but control of resources, sustaining the US dollar as a reserve currency, and promoting Israeli interests in the region.


10. The Main Stream Media. The MSM is a corporate-controlled, propaganda system designed to promote the interests of powerful entities who control Canada and other western nations. This has nothing to do with journalism, balanced reporting or objective opinions and everything to do with promoting a self-serving agenda, e.g. central banking and money creation, which does not serve the interests of most Canadians.


The list above is presented in no particular order and is far from comprehensive. So as you can see, bilingualism is just one...and perhaps not the most important...of the issues impacting the people of Canada. I have spent a fair amount of time since leaving the GSC trying to understand the rather complex world around us.  I must admit it seems at times that truth and morlaity as been driven from the Dominion of Canada making it hard to be optimistic, at least in the short-term, when major reforms through the political system are almost impossible. The best we can do is to seek truth, speak the truth in the facing of growing censorship and tyrannical political correctness, and try to educate as many people as possible using the growing power of the internet. Hopefully over time this will translate into a peaceful revolution although history is not on our side when it comes to peaceful reforms so I suspect that Western Civilization will continue to decline and ultimately collapse like many other civilizations before it.





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