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Sunday January 25, 2015

Franco-Ontario Flag Violates Canada's Flag Protocol

Flags can be a symbol of a country, a community or any identifiable group.  A country’s flag symbolizes the unity of a country and its people.  Consequently, the national flag should be treated with the utmost respect as shown.


It may not be a well-known fact but the Canadian flag protocol has been violated innumerable times by the Franco emblem, otherwise known as the “Franco-Ontarian flag”.  The history of the Franco-Ontarian emblem (from Wikipedia) is at this link.

Franco-Ontarian Flag.

The emblem’s acceptance did not occur without some negative reaction. In September 2008, Peter Shurman, the Conservative MPP for Thornhill, called the flag a divisive symbol.

However, because the flag had been flown for the first time at the University of Sudbury on 25 September, the provincial legislature proclaimed that day Franco-Ontarian Day in 2010.


Some people have noticed that the Francophones have spent a lot of taxpayers’ dollars erecting huge Franco-Ontarian flags in at least 15 publicly owned land and all of these monuments do NOT follow the flag protocol:

  • Monument Site:   Campus of the University of Ottawa - near the pavilion Pérez - Ottawa
  • Monument Site : Montfort Hospital - 713 Montreal Road - Ottawa 
  • Monument Site  : CECCE - 4000 Labelle Street - Ottawa
  • Monument Site:  La Cité - 801 Aviation Parkway - Ottawa 
  • Monument Site : MIFO - 6600 Carrière Street - Ottawa
  • Monument Site : CFORP - 435 Donald Street - Ottawa
  • Monument Site : Public Elementary School Charlotte-Lemieux - 2093 promenage Bel-Air - Ottawa
  • Monument Site : Desjardins Caisse populaire Trillium - 1173 Cyrville - Ottawa (Private company land ?)
  • Monument Site :Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CSDCEO) - 875 County Road 17
  • Monument Site : Intersection 17 at the west entrance of Clarence-Rockland
  • Monument Site : Intersection of Highway 417 and Main Street Casselman
  • Monument Site : Collège Boréal - 21 Lasalle - Sudbury
  • Monument Site  : Catholic High School Sacred Heart - 261 Notre Dame Avenue - Sudbury.
  • Monument Site : Lamoureux Park - Cornwall
  • Monument Site:   On the Chenail Island - Hawkesbury

In addition to these public land that have been used for the erection of these monuments, many French schools also fly the Franco-Ontarian flag by themselves, without giving due respect to the Federal flag or the Provincial flag.  If you are interested in this obvious sign of disrespect to the correct flag protocol, you can send us pictures of such sites with their geographical locations.  We have sample letters that you can use as complaints to the authorities concerned.

Rules for flag flying in Schools


Suggestions for action:

Demand MPP’s ask for the provincial flag to fly over the Franco Ontario flag where only one pole is present and Canada and Ontario flags in proper order where more than one flag pole is present.

We all have the power within us to make a change, please consider a short note towards our current goal. We believe Ontario’s publicly paid-for institutions, like hospitals and schools, should be promoting a common value with proper placement of flags, as too often we see only a single Franco Ontario flag alone. Yes, some are at monuments, but still on public land.

We should work towards schools having 3 flags (2 of which are mandated by Ontario Act Regulation R.R.O. 1990, Reg 298, s 5 (1)  ) then onto the 15 Francophone monuments which are mostly on public land. A good example is in front of the Montfort Hospital.

Start with a description of the issue, the location, and what you would like done, and include your name and address. If using email, include your MPP and MP, they can help too.

National Flag of Canada day is February 15, and this year it turns 50, lets see if we can see more of them.


Sample letter to Ontario Health Ministry:

Hon Eric Hoskins

St. Paul's

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

10th Floor, Hepburn Block

80 Grosvenor Street

Toronto, Ontario M7A 2C4

Tel : 416-327-4300

Fax : 416-326-1571

Constituency Office:

803 St. Clair Avenue West

Toronto, Ontario M6C 1B9



Sample letter to Min. of Health:

Minister Doctor Eric Hoskins

I am writing concerning the lone enormous flag in front of the Montfort Hospital in Ottawa. Health facilities in Ontario should be open to all residents; this use of public land for a monument and single flag emblem to the Francophones in front of a hospital, tells me this facility is not open to all residents.

Canada and Ontario flags should be used in priority positions for such programs that have received public funding, please correct this.

Thank you and I look forward to these corrections

Your full name and address:


Hon Liz Sandals


Ministry of Education

22nd Floor, Mowat Block

900 Bay Street

Toronto, Ontario M7A 1L2

Tel:  416-325-2600

Fax: 416-325-2608


173 Woolwich Street

Guelph, Ontario N1H 3V4

Tel:  519-836-4190

Fax: 519-836-4191

Sample letter to Ontario Ministry of Education

Minister Liz Sandals:

I wish to bring to your attention that two French school boards are not always following a regulation with the school act. Regulation 298 R.R.O. 1990 clearly states the National flag of Canada and the Provincial flag of Ontario shall fly as the Board directs. This does not create the uniformity one should expect from the government.

I am asking for a change to the wording removing choice from the Board. I am also asking that Board offices be included in the language. Currently several sites have monuments with large Franco Ontario flag emblems on school property around Ontario, as it is all one property, both the National and Provincial flags should be included.

Thank you and I look forward to these corrections.

Your full name and address


If you are concerned about the growing power of the French, please make an effort to do this.  You do not need a long letter - just a short one with the subject matter clearly stated is all you need.  What is really important is that as many Ontarians as possible do this so that we can flood the offices of these two ministries.

Don’t wait till we get to the situation in Quebec or New Brunswick where the French are so powerful that it would take a revolution to force them to respect the laws of the land.  The majority has power but only if enough of us care to act, NOW!!!

Kim McConnell



When English-speaking Canadians want to launch a project, they do it themselves with the minimum of fuss and expense.  A good example is the Cenotaph project at Kars, Ontario, a small community that managed to build a cenotaph with the help of ordinary citizens.

Here’s how they did it:

Kim, we formed a resident volunteer group when the old school was being torn down. The school provided the land. We sold paving stones to residents, had them engraved, and made a 2 tone cross effect with the stones. We have a black stone cross within the red bricks.

Red bricks were those that have not served, and black was for military.

We went door to door with brochures and brick purchase forms.

We also sent brochures and letters to all of the local business places for donations.

As the Cenotaph is officially cared for by the Legion, we had them on board.

The flag were in this order (from left to right) - Canada - Red Ensign - Ontario Ensign - City of Ottawa


The French-speakers?  Their sense of entitlement, drilled into them from their easy access to tax-payer dollar ,- is a different story:

The Sudbury Francophone monument cost about 70,000 dollars with the same 80 foot flag pole design. This story says they were even giving receipts for income tax purposes. 

The Prescott-Russell Francophone Association website seems to be protected from copy or translate however, their link does show who provided money for the Hawkesbury Francophone monument. A college, several schools and the Montfort hospital providing donations of $5,000. Hawkesbury General Hospital $2,500, Champlain Township gave $1,000 and on and on. Did we miss the memo that our tax dollars could be used for something other than the health or education that was intended?

University of Ottawa Francophone monument seems to be a better than most, but the price was $100,000. Land may be extra.

Now Cornwall wants to get into the act - why not, Cornwall has lots of money - NO?

Hundreds of people gathered Sept. 12, 2010 for the unveiling of the Francophone Monument in Lamoureux Park. The monument, designed by Gilles Davidson, and the result of an initiative of the Richelieu Club of Cornwall, cost nearly $ 200,000.

It is important to note ---

(as is stated in the above description re: the Franco Ontarian flag & monument at the --- University of Ottawa --- )

--- that two (possibly even three or more) of these HUGE Franco flags seem to be specifically (some might say, "strategically") "located next to highway 417" which makes them VERY CLEARLY VISIBLE to the general public.

And also interesting to note that ---

Two levels of government + the pseudo government "French friendly" entity known as --- the Trillium foundation --- are listed as "partners."

With the province of Ontario’s debt growing to $325 Billion by 2018:

So what’s a few more billions to win the votes of the Francophones?  How about the bilingual highway signs at the cost of $650,000 each?

Ontarians have NO problems paying more taxes & what they cannot raise themselves, they get from the Equalization Payments policy!!!  With Alberta getting less & less money from their oil resources, I wonder how they’re going to squeeze blood from stone?


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