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Tuesday January 20, 2015

Good news #3 + Anglophobia

The following two articles below (sent by our readers) give me cause to be optimistic in our continuing fight against Official Bilingualism.

The French have been pushing their advantage for over 40 years and with the Constitution and the Courts behind them, plus the billions of tax-payer dollars at their disposal, they have been winning all over the country.  In our last message, I told you about two cases where they did not win and now we have a third case.  The minority French seem to think that they are worth a lot of money spent on them and their moribund language and even where their “numbers do not warrant” the expense, they keep pushing.  Let us hope the appeal against this ruling does not lead to an over-turn of the lower court’s ruling!!!

The 2nd article is an old one by Mark Steyn, reproduced from MacLean’s magazine in 2010.  Mark Steyn has a special way of writing - he uses humour but his point is always well made.  The article may be old but the topic remains current - why is the English-speaking majority made to acquiesce to the French-speaking minority?  If the Supreme Court is ever forced to operate bilingually (i.e. ALL Judges must be fluently bilingual so that NO interpretation is needed), then the final nail is hammered into the coffin lid of English-speaking Canada, especially those from Western Canada.

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North West Territories Appeal Court overturned Francophone school expansion

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