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Thursday January 15, 2015

New Kilroy Video

Kilroy has created another video that I cannot resist circulating - this is a creation that carries a very important message - “never think that a small group of people cannot make a difference”.

Yes, we are a small group because most Canadians are not directly affected by the Official Languages Act and the adverse effect it is having on unilingual English-speakers (which happens to be the majority) affects mainly people who want to work for the government of any level.  Actually, having said that, I have to admit that that statement is not accurate as the policy, though it is not supposed to affect the private sector is actually affecting more and more of the private sector.  This is glaringly the case in New Brunswick where the 30+% French-speakers are demanding the policy of “duality” where French institutions must be French-only while the mainly English institutions must become bilingual.  In the other parts of Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia, PEI & Nfld./Lab), the policy of French Language Services will have the effect of ensuring that the minority French-speakers get mandatory service in French and bilingualism is again given priority consideration.  You only have to look at Ontario & how the FLSA (1986) works to see how intrusive and all-encompassing this policy has become, giving the 4% French-speakers extraordinary powers.  PEI has already adopted the FLSA (December 2013) and it won’t be long for the other two provinces in Eastern Canada to do likewise.

Please take note that Eastern Canada contains the parts of Canada (except Nfld/Lab) known as the “have-nots” - mostly dependent on the largesse of Western Canada through the Equalization Payments program.  I read an article recently that the hospitals in AB are out-dated and their health-services are in terrible shape:

Yet, Alberta is forced to contribute substantial money to the “have-not” provinces who are able to afford better health services.  A G&M article says that Alberta is in for some very hard times ahead:

President (CLF)


Message from Kilroy

After a long pause, here is the latest attempt to open the eyes of the English majority in Canada.

A reminder to EVERYONE of how -- even one small action -- no matter how small, can take on a life of it's own and how NO ONE ever knows how meaningful those small individual actions can end up being.

Comments welcome and appreciated.

Keith B.


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