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Tuesday July 14, 2015

60 New Official Languages For Canada?

So now that the French-language & culture have been successfully forced-fed to the Canadian public and prevented from being assimilated by that all-powerful and all-encompassing English language, the First Nations want their 60+ native languages to be likewise "blessed" by the generosity of the Canadian public.  Well, the French language & culture were kept alive by government decree - why shouldn't the native languages be supported by a similar decree?  However, and here's the kicker, the government is already spending plenty on native languages - Mount Royal University offers courses in Blackfoot and Cree. Aboriginal Head Start has taught indigenous languages to 9,000 First Nations children since 1998 at a cost of $59 million a year.

Of course, this is nothing compared to the billions spent on the French language!!!

The question is - is it money well spent?  We have NO money to spend on more essential services like health-care, proper housing, good education but to keep DEAD languages alive???  For what?

Speakers of these languages that are kept on life-support are fine if we have lots of money to throw around but not so fine if it's just for the socialist philosophies of "feeling good" & for language professors to have jobs.  Languages should be kept alive if they serve a purpose - within a community or a region where it makes sense but NEVER should it be made official or forced on everybody else!!!

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Naomi Lakritz: More money won’t save dying Aboriginal languages


We're still working on our project, "The Virtual Panel" - Andrew Lawton of has agreed to help us give it exposure.  We should be sending you a report on the format soon.

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