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Friday July 17, 2015

A Message from Howard Galganov

If you're a fan of Howard, you'll know that he is a feisty person - he's not afraid of confrontation and his energy is limitless.  He was a champion for English-speakers in Quebec for a long, long time and he fought hard, very often using his own resources, for the English-speakers in Quebec.  He didn't get enough support so he gave up on Quebec and came to Ontario.  We were very grateful to him for jumping into the fray with us and, together with Jean-Serge Brisson, took on the challenge to the Russell Township sign by-law where French is forced on the signs of businesses, whether they agreed with it or not.  We, at CLF, did our best to help him financially over the years that the court cases went on (first to the Superior Court & then to the Court of Appeal).  The case was for "Freedom of Expression", section 2b of our so-called Charter of Rights & Freedoms.  The courts at both levels ruled against his case (using the "Notwithstanding clause" to do so).  The Supreme Court would not even hear the case - so much for the Canadian Justice system!!!  I don't have the room to give you the details of Howard's & J.S.'s case but if you are interested, contact me & I'll be happy to send you more.

Howard has shifted his focus from Canada to the United States & has thrown his energy behind the Jewish cause.  He writes very interesting editorials on his adventures in the US - contact him if you want to read them.

In his editorial on July 14th, he used some of his editorial space to write about Canadians for Language Fairness. Please follow this link to see how you can support Howard Galganov

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