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Monday July 27, 2015

Responses To "60 New Official Languages"?

In response to my message circulated on July 14th, I got a few interesting observations:

"All of the pandering to the French and their never ending linguistic and cultural needs has led to these ridiculous demands from the so called First Nations. In reality they probably have as good a claim to official language status as the French. The British should have shut this nonsense down in the beginning, but chose not to. Both the proclamation of 1763 and the Quebec Act of 1774 gave away far too much to the French. The Roman Catholic Church and particularly the Jesuit order who no doubt had connections with well placed Catholics in England were responsible for much of this. It is unfortunately for us, and other sensible Canadians, still a work in progress.  I wonder if many people, even those strongly opposed to OB have connected the dots? The money spent on promoting the French language and habitant culture in this country is almost incalculable. It has opened the door for demands from other groups like our native Indians who likely do have a beef or two and of course other more sinister elements like militant Islam.  While English speaking Canada must knuckle under to every demand made upon it by various elements in our society, Quebec has been insulated from it all through draconian and what should have been illegal laws. We are still navel gazing and agonizing over Quebec’s place in confederation rather than giving them an ultimatum.




This call from native leaders to make the 60 or so Aboriginal languages "official" is actually good news for our cause.  At the very least it will point out the absurdity of attempts to "promote" both French and English in Canada.

Aboriginal languages are truly "endangered" and "threatened" ("threatened", in particular, is the word of choice used by francophone language supremacists).  In earlier studies, only three Aboriginal languages were found not to be threatened.  It is obscene to declare that "French is in danger". I would go beyond the word "obscene" and call it racist.

I wrote about this in my book "Why Canada must end" (available at, not .ca).  Here is the passage:

"According to a group of Indian chiefs from Manitoba, there are fifty-five aboriginal languages spoken in Canada -- fifty-two of which are now on the brink of extinction.[78] Most have only a few hundred speakers left; others a few dozen; many only 5 or 6 speakers remaining. Each of those fifty-two is what can truly be described as being in a fragile and threatened state.

Contrast this with over 6 million French-speakers in Quebec. French has the added benefit of having official language status for both federal and provincial services. Public education is available in the French language everywhere in Quebec, is free, and receives public funding. The language of the courts, the government and countless institutions are, by law, available in French.

I would hazard to guess that the total number of speakers of Canada’s fifty-five aboriginal languages don’t even reach one percent of the seven million French speakers found across Canada.

To claim that French is in danger is not only absurd on its face but exposes a mean-spirited, exclusionary, intolerant worldview that ignores the plight of non-White, non-European based languages and cultures. Such an attitude is sanctioned and enabled by the Court when it declared:

The s. 1 and s. 9.1 materials establish that the aim of the language policy underlying the Charter of the French Language was a serious and legitimate one. They indicate the concern about the survival of the French language and the perceived need for an adequate legislative response to the problem.[79] (my emphasis)

The Court sings from the Old Boys’ Network: you will only have our sympathy and support if you speak a language from a group descended from either of the English or French-speaking mother countries with rich histories of colonialism and cultural imperialism.

The rest of you be damned.

It is, of course, a White European colonialist perspective, one that glaringly declares: if you are part of the English/French old boys’ club, we’ll protect you, give you special status and bend over backwards to ensure that fundamental human rights are limited in order to placate you. But if you’re non-White, non-European, you’re inferior and not worthy of protection.

Thus, within the context of equality of all languages spoken within its borders, to suggest that French in Quebec is somehow in danger is, at the least, irrational, and, at the most, absurd.

Commenting on “how utterly ridiculous” it was for the Bill 101-created Office Quebecois de la langue francais to be forcing a town to put French stickers on air conditioners, Steve Bonspiel, a member of the Kahnawake Indian community located just outside of Montreal, opined:

I’m Mohawk and my people are trying to get our language back by introducing it earlier in school and by enabling adults to take courses to learn or relearn the language. There are a few hundred Mohawk speakers left because of various forms of government assimilation and disenfranchisement.

In short, the French language is thriving, and the Mohawk language is dying.

Maybe the Quebec government should be putting more of our money into ensuring the survival of the first spoken languages of this land.[80]

The we’re surrounded by a sea of English constantly screamed from the rooftops by Quebec’s language supremacists as one of the justifications for their language laws is a statistical red herring. As members of the very same White European Descendants’ Club as those on the Supreme Court, these language fanatics look the other way when it is pointed out to them that non-white, non-European cultures and languages also exist in equality in Quebec. The sea surrounding each and every aboriginal language is a much greater and harsher body of water than the one invoked by Quebec’s attorney-general when posturing his fallacious arguments before the Old Boy’s Network that is Canada’s Supreme Court, who swallow such absurdity hook, line, and sinker.

Let’s be honest about it, shall we? The French language is no better than any others and to bestow the special consideration that the Supreme Court is so intent upon according it is most definitely a policy and worldview seeped in racism.

Tony Kondaks



First Nation's calculation is clear; if you want the moon, demand the sun. If you want the meadow, demand the forest surrounding the meadow. Funding for the successful measures will be pilfered from other purses - urban transportation, education, infrastructure, social programs, and the military. The bulk of the funding will be simply added to the Big Sinkhole, the Deficit.

Like Quebecers, FN leaders have absolutely no concerns about the fiscal health of Canada: "This is all about us. Canada is a sucker; a mere source of cash."

Aboriginal FN leaders, recognizing that Quebec successfully solved that equation, are demanding the Sun in expectation that the Meadow will be big enough and lush enough to support their own personal needs. It doesn't really matter what the FN people receive; this isn't about them. FN leaders know that governments will most likely increase funding during an election campaign; it is just a matter of getting the number as high as possible.

Dealing with the French and First Nations is quite similar to dealing the Greeks: "Don't ask us to earn our way; just give us what we want."




No language needs government protection. If you want to protect your language, SPEAK IT!

I am against "official" languages for any country, state, province or municipality as, while not necessarily limiting you to one language, it nevertheless forces/obligates you to speak/acquire that language. That in itself, is the use of force and I am against force of any kind when it comes to language or culture. I otherwise espouse your contention that the more languages one knows, the richer one is in terms of knowledge of foreign culture (art, music, writings...) and tradition - not to mention the ability to communicate with others who do not speak your language. Multilingualism should always be the preferred goal for everyone. However, all languages evolve. Some get stronger, some disappear with the passage of time. It is up to the community that speaks a particular language to either continue to speak it or opt for one that is more widely spoken. It is NOT up to any government to force it on anyone! This is my opinion, of course, and I accept your right to your own.



Keith B, our very productive video-grapher has a few very revealing videos that show the rest of Canada & the world how stupid & annoying the Quebec Francophiles are:

Groups going round Montreal denouncing companies that do not operate in French or have French names. Groups supporting Bill 14. Group wants Longueuil council meetings to be French only


In the meantime, English-speaking Quebecers are fighting through petitions that one created by Murray Levine

To be delivered to Philippe Couillard, MD, Premier Ministre du Quebec

The whole pretext for the creation of the L’Office québécois de la langue française is/was a fallacy. The French language in Canada, nevermind Quebec is not in danger. If the French language thrives in Sudbury, Cornwall, Ottawa, Hawkesbury, St. Boniface, MB, Cheticamp, NS,, throughout New Brunswick and many areas of Canada, it is not in danger in Quebec, the province with the greatest majority of French speakers.

There are currently 4,312 signatures. NEW goal - We need 5,000 signatures!

Brent Tyler is fighting to make Bill 101 unconstitutional


The French in Canada have been given far too much sympathy for their Quebecois French (which is not even understood by a French speaker from France).  So what if their Quebecois variety of French is dying?  If a language is no longer of any use (like Latin is no longer used), it should not be kept alive at the general taxpayers' expense!!!  The community that wants it kept alive should do it themselves - why force the rest of us who have no use for the French language to use our very limited resources to do it for them and in the process, create a ruling class based on the criteria and not on what it should be based on - MERIT.

I can tell you the story of Singapore - a small island that declared itself a MERITOCRACY - and by doing so, got the best & the brightest to govern the city & create one of the most successful countries with the highest income per capita.  Singapore has NO resources, not even fresh water, but it has a lot of brainy people!!!


Just read a very interesting item from the Ottawa Sun about a problem that is probably even bigger than the language problem i.e. Terrorism in Canada and how the Conservative govt. is dealing with it.

So good to see that 70% of the readers agree with the verdict that the two men were found guilty!!!  Our idiotic Charter (inserted into Trudeau's 1982 Constitution) is totally responsible for too many such bad elements to escape justice.

President (CLF)


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