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Sunday June 7, 2015

Another Refugee From Quebec

An Anglo Quebecer said that I should read & circulate this article because it tells the story that can be repeated ad nauseam by at least half a million Quebecers (both French and non-French) since the start of our “troubles” with Quebec.  I have never lived in Montreal so I don’t know what they mean when they refer to the “flavour” of life in Montreal - it appears to be a fascinating city that people who have grown up there are reluctant to leave even though the French-zealots have made life so unpleasant for English-speakers there - the continuous harassment, the demeaning treatment, the outrageous laws against the use of English.  On top of that, the amount of danegeld that we keep sending to Quebec year after year for the last half century (Equalization Payments, Health-care Transfers, Social Transfers) has amounted to hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars (mainly from AB, BC & SK but also from ON before the Liberals spent us into our current financial problems).  Yet, they show NO sign of gratitude and have expressed NO acknowledgement of appreciation for our sacrifice and forced endurance of their efforts to turn over control of our halls of power and influence to the French-speakers.  Those who have taken the trouble to be informed know exactly what I mean - I will attach below one of the many examples I can quote of their never-ending demands.

Many of CLF’s readers have said they would be SOOO happy if we could get Quebec out of Canada.  This message will make them very happy because, we have to admit that the French activists have made the language debate very one-sided & have frustrated a lot of even the most well-meaning English-speakers.  Those who are informed will know what Jean Chretien meant when he said, “we are entitled to our entitlement”.   There is NOT enough money is the whole of our national treasury that will satisfy them in their demand for “respect”!   Time to say, “Goodbye”???

President (CLF)


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Message sent to Kris Austin of PANB:

Dear Kris Austin, member of the People’s Alliance Party of New Brunswick (PANB)

As the only party with a mandate to bring common-sense into the government of N.B., would you like to respond to this link?  I know that the OLA in N.B. enables the French the ability to force this on the citizens of the province but please do not allow their threat of legal action to force your compliance to their interpretation of “equality”.

In my books, Equality of Funding is “equal amount for each student” that is to be spent in the best, most effective way possible to educate the student.  Not an amount to ensure the preservation, protection & promotion of a language that will not produce people that can & will be productive in our modern society.  Such people will forever be a burden to our society and N.B. will forever be a welfare state, dependent on the largesse of the Rest (Most) of Canada.  The amount of Equalization Payments, Social & Health Transfers from the “have” provinces to the “have-nots” is dwindling; this puts the responsibility of all “have-not” provinces to look for a future when they can stop being dependents and one way is to cut down or cut off the amount of money spent on a language which has NO future, now or ever!!!


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EP payments 1957 - 2013

Ken Kellington has done a detailed tracking of the Equalization Payments from 1957 - 2013.  Want a copy - just ask.


Keith B has put together a web site that would interest you, if you like your information in a visual format.


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