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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Language War Heating Up In Cornwall

Bravo, Jamie, for responding so well to Hugo Rodrigues' article and pointing out how wrong Hugo is. Bravo also to Eric for stating the obvious i.e. there has never been an assessment as to the NEED for such a divisive policy.  The OLA was a piece of legislation that was passed ONLY at the federal level but not at the provincial level. Does Hugo know that language is the prerogative of the provincial government?  That is why Quebec was able to declare itself unilingual French and pass such disgusting anti-English legislations like Bills 22, 178 & 101.  New Brunswick is the only province that has passed legislation to make itself officially bilingual.  With barely 4% French-speakers in Ontario, the disastrous Wynne government would do the same in Ontario if English-speaking Ontarians continue to be asleep at the switch.  After over 40 years of pro-Quebec governments (mainly Liberal but also Conservative under Quebecer Brian Mulroney), the French-speakers all over Canada have been given plenty of money and support from the courts to push their agenda.  Unfortunately for them, the number of bilinguals in Canada have not increased in any substantial number.  Jack Jedwab, President of Canadian Studies, wrote in the Gazette in 2011, "Canada's bilingual? Whom are we kidding?  After 42 years and billions of dollars, just 7 per cent of anglophone Canadians can carry on a conversation in French". This came from an article by Marian Scott, The Gazette November 22, 2011.  Jack Jedwab's study revealed that only about 12% of Canadians can be said to be "officially bilingual" which makes that small number of Canadians very highly sort after.  However, if your qualification is less than the best but you are part of that small proportion of Canadians, you will naturally get the job.  But the job is not necessarily based on your merit, merely your linguistic skills in English & French.  That is why those who are bilingual support this policy - they belong to that small pool of people who get the jobs.  Sadly, most of them are French-speakers to begin with - this leaves the English-speaking majority out of luck!!!  People like Jane Doe thinks this is OK because her children are beneficiaries of this failed social engineering policy.  It is very sad to see such selfish people think that government policies are good if they themselves benefit when government policies should be for the good of the majority - that’s how democracy is supposed to work!!!

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