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Tuesday March 10, 2015

Justin Trudeau Claim Of Fear Mongering

This morning’s poll question from CFRA is on Justin Trudeau’s claim that Harper is fear-mongering on Muslims - please take part if you can: Do you agree with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau that PM Stephen Harper is deliberately sowing fear and prejudice against Muslims in Canada? Email your comments here.

Yes. The PM’s opposition to women wearing face coverings while voting or taking the oath of citizenship are just two examples. - 7.3%

No. The PM is taking action against Islamist Jihadists, not Muslims in general. Trudeau is deliberately misrepresenting that. - 92.7%


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Last but not least, a word from Maxime Bernier.

Vote for Justin Trudeau, get his father’s policies: Minister


A supporter sent this link with the question from you - would you like Quebec to separate?


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