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Sunday May 17, 2015

Federal election - French On The Move!!!

One thing I can say about the French activists - they are persistent!!!  They are already winning - the 1982 Constitution with the Official Languages Act, the Charter, the Human Rights courts and our Justice System continually rule in their favour.  They’ve got the English-speakers running away from Quebec because of the anti-English laws; they’ve used the Official Bilingualism legislation in New Brunswick to be interpreted as “DUALITY” (separate French institutions for the French but English institutions have to be bilingual); they’ve got the French Language Services Act in Ontario to spread mandatory French language services to parts of Ontario that have not got sufficient numbers to qualify for this designation, according to the Act.

Since Bill 8 (FLSA) was passed, 25 municipalities have been declared under the jurisdiction of the French Language Services Act.  The French politicians want to add more.  The criteria for such designation:

·  10% of the local population; or

·  5,000 in an urban centre

They tried to get Durham to fall under the auspices of Bill 8 but were unsuccessful. Now they are after Oshawa.

They have convinced Canadians that they have a good case based on the fact that they are a shrinking language group and it is our obligation to prevent them from being assimilated by agreeing to accept that the criteria for jobs is the ability to function in a minority language!!!  We end up with a public service functioning at less than optimum effectiveness because we haven’t got the best qualified people, just the best bilingual people!!!


The Federal election is being used to intimidate our Federal politicians into further supporting the French agenda.  Please read the following:

FEDERAL ELECTIONS Parties Panel on linguistic duality and Act Official Languages

Ottawa, May 13, 2015

With the approach of the federal election,  francophones living in minority communities across the country would like to know where  the political parties are on major issues affecting official languages and the development of French language communities. For these reasons, the Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities (FCFA) of Canada invited the Conservative Party of Canada, the New Democratic Party and the Liberal Party of Canada to a panel of parties on linguistic duality and respect for the Act official languages.

This panel is organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ottawa and iVote-jeVote initiative. It will be held at Huguette Labelle of Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa, located at 550 Cumberland Street on Thursday, June 4 at 1500 pm. The panel will also be available via webcast across the country and the hyperlink will be identified on the website of the FCFA.

The Presidencies and branches of the 21 member organizations of the FCFA, from nine provinces and three territories, will be present at this event. Also invited to this meeting are the members of the Francophone community of Ottawa and Eastern Ontario and the general presidencies directions and 21 other members of the national sectoral organizations Leaders Forum, the consultation network coordinated by the FCFA.

Following the panel, the Federation will hold a cocktail-style reception after 17 pm. As the number of places is limited, we ask you to register in advance by May 20 by visiting the FCFA and select Activities & Issues/Annual General Meeting for information. We sincerely hope to have you with us at this event and look forward to seeing you there.


The above panel is organized by the French-language groups and they are asking their French supporters to lobby the government into giving them more support.  We know that the Liberal Party & the NDP will come out in full and total support because this policy is largely a social-engineering policy, designed to benefit the minority French-speakers.  It is very easy to persuade a minority group of voters that, if they stick together and vote as a block, they are more effective against the larger block of non-French voters who are not organized, not funded from the public purse and not protected by the Constitution or the courts.

The Conservative Party has tried but their attempts have not been very effective.  Harper has appointed people to positions who are not bilingual (e.g. Auditor General Michael Ferguson) & done several other things to counter this push towards more bilingualism and have suffered from the slings and blows from both the above mentioned parties.  Of course it doesn’t help that most Canadians are too complacent to care one way or another - only those that are directly affected by this policy seem to care.

Anyway, there is a suggestion from Beth Trudeau that we put together a panel of English-speaking Canadians from across Canada so that we can voice the concerns of the various English-speaking groups and force the various parties to pay attention.  If we were to get such a panel together, how many people would be willing to come?  We should hold this before the October election so would September be a good month?


President (CLF)


Corbett: Language Foul For Ottawa Job Hunter


Here is another victim of the language policy, forwarded by Howard Galganov:

Language rights

Hello Howard; I first heard about you during the referendum period but it has taken me a number of years to get up the courage to write. I have read your bio and am inspired, however I am not able to get 'into the' debates or discussion about US and international stuff at this time because I am still foaming over the rapidly developing obstacles facing those of us who speak French but not well enough it seems to get meaningful employment in our own country.

I too, was born in Montreal and had the good fortune (if you want to call it that) to be part of the first French Immersion pilots on the Island. I started in grade 7 so did not have the all-important early year exposure as did many who came after me but I digress. I served in the Canadiann military from 1986-2006 and what a disappointment that was (it was in its downhill spiral at that time and who knew about the 'rise' of 'importance' of Afghanistan to come).

I was medically released into the nation's capital and have not been able to find suitable work in the intervening decade - largely due to the fact that although I am a double university grad and have deployed in 'service to' my 'country', I can only seem to attain a 'functional' level (CBB) in the 'illustrious' federal government language testing. OK so there are other opportunities, say maybe in the private sector, you say? I have applied for over a thousand positions (since I started counting) and of the handful I was interviewed for, I was eliminated because my French was not 'good enough'. I have spend $1000's of dollars trying to upgrade and improve on my own (no one has sponsored me yet I am not entitled to the 'free' language training that we offer immigrants).

I have widened my search, only to find that more and more corporate jobs are also demanding 'official' bilingualism' for the 'good' jobs - and certainly in most areas of human resources that I am interested and qualified in. Anyway I could rant for hours on this topic but I am considering an exit from this country, disappointed though it makes me feel. I am not a Native Canadian (and I know they have suffered the ULTIMATE racism), apparently do not speak French well enough to get a job (even though my level is far better than the English of many newcomers), am not disabled, or a 'visible' minority (whatever that means nowadays) and am over 30 (actually am 50 ish) so do not qualify for any program the 'bleeding hearts' have created.

I am sick of the media glorifying veterans and promising good treatment when this means virtually nothing unless you were a senior officer and sliding into a defence contract or senior DND bureaucratic role. So, I was wondering if there is an English rights group that is working on fighting back on these issues that you might be able to direct me to if you are no longer directing your energies this way. I am not anti -French (in terms of ethnicity) as I have many great friends and acquaintances who are French Canadian. It is the policies and practises from the power elite sense that I am finding SO restricting and I believe that some, if not most of this is what is really driving mental health crisis in our society (if we can't get good jobs to support our families, and people are being hired for jobs simply because of their language skill and not the whole picture, then something is really wrong)!!!

Thanks and I look forward to following you now that I have found this site and bookmarked it.  A.


Response from Kim:  Thank you, Howard, for forwarding A’s message.  We exist to help expose the great conspiracy crisis created by P.E. Trudeau’s 1982 Constitution.  Many Canadians still don’t know what this constitution has done to Canada - it has created so many divisions in our country, the worst of which is this language divide that has been perpetrated on an unsuspecting English-speaking population.  We cannot pretend to be able to solve this problem but if we can raise the country’s awareness of the loss of well-educated citizens to public office just because they are not “French enough”, we might be able to attract the attention of politicians.  We know that politicians only act when pushed sufficiently hard by the people - it takes a huge number of people to effect change.

We need to awaken the Silent Majority to stop accepting 2nd class citizenship & allow control of Canada to fall into French hands.


It is a damned shame that our well-educated Anglophones are being discriminated against on such a widespread basis just because we allowed a French Prime Minister to take office and he took the opportunity to rewrite our constitution to elevate his tribe & those who are willing to follow his dictates.  His excuse was that Canada needed to be independent from UK and our English-speaking leaders at the time were too busy apologizing for the natural dominance of an English-speaking population.

The 1982 Constitution is the real culprit in the great divide that Canada has become.  It is a question of what to do now that the damage is done?  Certainly electing a Socialist government composed of any of these parties (LIB+NDP+Green) will only make matters worse.  Not participating in the election is a NON-starter.  Our only option is to continue our work of educating more Canadians to understand that we have to be willing to do something - even something as simple as signing a petition.  CLF is preparing a petition to be circulated in a week - we will need your help.

President (CLF)


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