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Sunday May 10, 2015

Language Rally In  Fredericton

Reports on the rally in Fredericton on May 8th are just coming in.   This is the CTV report. But it is on Facebook that we got the really important clip - a speech delivered by Kris Austin at the rally.

My posting on FB regarding Kris Austin:

Finally a politician has come forward to voice the concerns of millions of English-speaking, non-French, Canadians who have suffered from this policy for over 45 years!!!  Kris Austin is the man to focus on as he fights against duality.  NO politician has dared to bring this topic forward - most have been frightened off  by our 1982 Constitution & the obvious support of our activist courts for the French.  Looking after the interests of the minority is a laudable sentiment but allowing them to control the agenda of the country with a policy that is designed to favour a particular minority language is a totally different matter.  The English-speaking, non-French, Canadian majority MUST speak up & support Kris Austin of the People's Alliance Party of New Brunswick.  Contact him at People's Alliance of NB

President (CLF)


Posting from the FB page:

Sharon Maclise Fairness, Equality and Balance. Bravo, Shawn. This is becoming a MAJOR issue across the entire country. The divide between French and English is widening and the resentment is deepening. Here in Alberta we are fighting to survive an attack on our Language independence. Our AB gov't has been forced by the courts to give $367,843.36 SO FAR to Francophones who are determined to force our province, just as they do in NB, to print every law, every statute, every ticket , EVERY GOVRNMENT COMMUNICATION and DOCUMENT, in FRENCH. This, in a province of 4% French first-language and where EVERYONE SPEAKS and READS ENGLISH. And once they have accomplished that, with the help of our activist courts, they will make it a top priority to fill every provincial gov't job, as they do in NB and federally, with those who can prove that they are bilingual. They care nothing for the petty nature of their fight (in Canmore they do not want their kids riding the same bus or playing in the same playground with English kids!) and the economic WASTE that it incurs. Many, many thanks to you people in NB and Ontario who are fighting the good fight. If they overwhelm you there, it is only a matter of time that they will come for us.

Please note the figure quoted by Sharon of $367,843.36 that has been spent to fight the totally ludicrous case of Gilles Caron who refused to pay a $50+ traffic ticket because it wasn’t written in French.  He’s perfectly able to read the English-language ticket but he’s being encouraged to take this to court by the activist French-rights group who are determined to bankrupt every province by forcing EVERY document to be translated into French for the tiniest number of French-speakers.  According to Stats Canada’s 2011 census, the mother-tongue French speakers in Alberta is only 1.9%.


Corbett: Language Foul For Ottawa Job Hunter


Here is another victim of the language policy, forwarded by Howard Galganov:

Language rights

Hello Howard; I first heard about you during the referendum period but it has taken me a number of years to get up the courage to write. I have read your bio and am inspired, however I am not able to get 'into the' debates or discussion about US and international stuff at this time because I am still foaming over the rapidly developing obstacles facing those of us who speak French but not well enough it seems to get meaningful employment in our own country.

I too, was born in Montreal and had the good fortune (if you want to call it that) to be part of the first French Immersion pilots on the Island. I started in grade 7 so did not have the all-important early year exposure as did many who came after me but I digress. I served in the Canadiann military from 1986-2006 and what a disappointment that was (it was in its downhill spiral at that time and who knew about the 'rise' of 'importance' of Afghanistan to come).

I was medically released into the nation's capital and have not been able to find suitable work in the intervening decade - largely due to the fact that although I am a double university grad and have deployed in 'service to' my 'country', I can only seem to attain a 'functional' level (CBB) in the 'illustrious' federal government language testing. OK so there are other opportunities, say maybe in the private sector, you say? I have applied for over a thousand positions (since I started counting) and of the handful I was interviewed for, I was eliminated because my French was not 'good enough'. I have spend $1000's of dollars trying to upgrade and improve on my own (no one has sponsored me yet I am not entitled to the 'free' language training that we offer immigrants).

I have widened my search, only to find that more and more corporate jobs are also demanding 'official' bilingualism' for the 'good' jobs - and certainly in most areas of human resources that I am interested and qualified in. Anyway I could rant for hours on this topic but I am considering an exit from this country, disappointed though it makes me feel. I am not a Native Canadian (and I know they have suffered the ULTIMATE racism), apparently do not speak French well enough to get a job (even though my level is far better than the English of many newcomers), am not disabled, or a 'visible' minority (whatever that means nowadays) and am over 30 (actually am 50 ish) so do not qualify for any program the 'bleeding hearts' have created.

I am sick of the media glorifying veterans and promising good treatment when this means virtually nothing unless you were a senior officer and sliding into a defence contract or senior DND bureaucratic role. So, I was wondering if there is an English rights group that is working on fighting back on these issues that you might be able to direct me to if you are no longer directing your energies this way. I am not anti -French (in terms of ethnicity) as I have many great friends and acquaintances who are French Canadian. It is the policies and practises from the power elite sense that I am finding SO restricting and I believe that some, if not most of this is what is really driving mental health crisis in our society (if we can't get good jobs to support our families, and people are being hired for jobs simply because of their language skill and not the whole picture, then something is really wrong)!!!

Thanks and I look forward to following you now that I have found this site and bookmarked it.  A.


Response from Kim:  Thank you, Howard, for forwarding A’s message.  We exist to help expose the great conspiracy crisis created by P.E. Trudeau’s 1982 Constitution.  Many Canadians still don’t know what this constitution has done to Canada - it has created so many divisions in our country, the worst of which is this language divide that has been perpetrated on an unsuspecting English-speaking population.  We cannot pretend to be able to solve this problem but if we can raise the country’s awareness of the loss of well-educated citizens to public office just because they are not “French enough”, we might be able to attract the attention of politicians.  We know that politicians only act when pushed sufficiently hard by the people - it takes a huge number of people to effect change.

We need to awaken the Silent Majority to stop accepting 2nd class citizenship & allow control of Canada to fall into French hands.


It is a damned shame that our well-educated Anglophones are being discriminated against on such a widespread basis just because we allowed a French Prime Minister to take office and he took the opportunity to rewrite our constitution to elevate his tribe & those who are willing to follow his dictates.  His excuse was that Canada needed to be independent from UK and our English-speaking leaders at the time were too busy apologizing for the natural dominance of an English-speaking population.

The 1982 Constitution is the real culprit in the great divide that Canada has become.  It is a question of what to do now that the damage is done?  Certainly electing a Socialist government composed of any of these parties (LIB+NDP+Green) will only make matters worse.  Not participating in the election is a NON-starter.  Our only option is to continue our work of educating more Canadians to understand that we have to be willing to do something - even something as simple as signing a petition.  CLF is preparing a petition to be circulated in a week - we will need your help.

President (CLF)


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